It's a slow news week for film-related celebrities. The big gossip item this week was about Nicole Richie's DUI arrest, and I can't count her as a movie actress -- she doesn't even have a House of Wax credit to her name. No one is divorcing, or adopting children from other countries (although Angelina Jolie is thinking about it again), or forgetting to climb into a limo properly while neglecting to wear underpants.

However, I feel lucky because I have been able to indulge my most guilty pleasure when collecting celebrity news: scary photos. For some reason, it seems to be a week when movie stars aren't looking their best. Perhaps it's all that holiday shopping and stress. The bulk of this week's gossip roundup therefore consists of some of the oddest photos I've seen recently. Enjoy!
  • Anna Nicole Smith is back in America, after swearing she never wanted to leave the Bahamas. That ought to improve the amount of potential celeb news in upcoming weeks. She appeared in a San Franscisco court this week as part of legal proceedings regarding her late husband's estate.
  • Of all the actresses who might flash some normally unseen bits and then discuss it on the show, I thought the least likely would be Anne Hathaway (pictured above). I was wrong. She does note that it was an accident. For once, I find myself believing this.
  • Speaking of accidents, yet another celebrity has publicly uttered a racial slur -- this time it's Rosie O'Donnell, who claims she had no idea that the phrase she used on-air was offensive. And might do it again, accidentally.
  • Not a photo, but a sketch: Radar Online shares a page from a draft of Rocky Balboa complete with drawings by Sylvester Stallone.
  • Not just scary, but sad: This photo, which I honestly thought was Shirley Maclaine myself until I read the caption. Debbie Harry? Truly? I feel so old.
  • Meanwhile, poor Lara Flynn Boyle looks like she'd snap in two if you folded her over. Look at how her shoes are falling off her feet! Someone please bring her a nice pizza.
  • These photos of Teri Hatcher made me think of Catherine O'Hara in the later part of For Your Consideration.
  • Finally, a video that Martha pointed out to me that's been making the rounds: Check out Matt Damon's promising career as a mimic. (Via Better Than Fudge.)
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