It's that festive holiday time of year, and somehow this makes it difficult for me to focus on the usual types of gossip tidbits as much as I normally might. And you know I am not all that focused to begin with. I stare at a photo of Mel Gibson with food on his shirt, and wonder, "Why should I care about this?" as my mind wanders off to thoughts about whether I need to buy more gift wrap. Besides, I am sometimes a messy eater too, so I can't really pick on Mr. Gibson. And I can't think of anything the least bit cutting to say about director Gus Van Sant being arrested on a DUI charge; I just feel a bit sad. Meanwhile, the gossip world rolls on, at all times of the year, so this week's roundup includes marriage, birth, paternity tests, birthday gifts, and celebrity tattoos. ul>
  • The cheapest and most low-key Hollywood-related wedding this year: Lara Flynn Boyle gets married in San Antonio, at a cost of $36. Please do not tell my husband that it is possible for two people to be married for under $100.
  • Another proud Hollywood papa: Sean "Puff DaddyP. Diddy" Combs is now the father of twin girls. No word yet on the names, which hopefully they won't change as often as their rapper/actor dad's nickname has.
  • Speaking of daddies: A judge ruled that Anna Nicole Smith's daughter will have to submit to a paternity test. Obviously, the gift of getting Smith out of the weekly celebrity news roundup will have to wait until next year.
  • This week's scary photo: Go Fug Yourself walks us through a range of the good, the bad, and the ugly in the outfits Beyonce Knowles has been wearing lately to promote Dreamgirls.
  • Mattel is rolling out the Hilary Duff Barbie doll, who stands on a red carpet and waves an award. Which award is that supposed to be, exactly? It looks like a silver Oscar. And is it supposed to belong to Duff, or is she presenting it to George Clooney Ken? (Which I would absolutely buy. For my sister, I mean.)
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