Okay, you folks were out of control with your submissions this go-round, and I think I'm officially sick of reading the words 'motherf**kin' snakes' in the same sentence. No more, I say! No more. Last month, we asked you to come up with the best caption for the above picture, and 82 of you stepped up to the plate with some -- shall I say -- "creative" stuff. It was definitely tough choosing the winners, but after a slew of late-night Taco Bell contest meetings, we here at Cinematical finally managed to select our top five captions. Once again, here's what all five winners will receive:

1 Copy of the brand spanking new Snakes on a Plane DVD (full screen version).

1 Copy of the official Snakes on a Plane movie soundtrack.

1 Snakes on a Plane shirt.

1 Snakes on a Plane hat.

1 Set of Iron On Images (which you can use to design your very own nifty SOAP shirt).

Check out the winning caption and the runners-up after the jump (keep in mind everyone wins the same package) ...


The Winner:

"... And I will strike down upon my agent with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my career." – Robinho

The Runners-Up:

"Well, I used the snake, but that drain's still clogged." -- David B.

"I can understand the budget cutbacks, but you wouldn't believe what they're serving as the inflight meal." – Eric

"You tellin me it tastes like mother-f***ing chicken?" – Chip

"No, this one isn't making it into the sequel either." – Frank Townend

Thanks for playing everyone and congrats to our winners! We'll be in touch with you for your mailing addresses so we can get this wonderful prize package out as soon as possible.