Poor little me, left out of all the Sundance fun. You won't see me in Utah in the next week -- I've never been to Sundance and 2007 isn't yet the year for me to go. At least I cherish the satisfaction of having seen Black Snake Moan before its big premiere at the festival (thank you, BNAT). I can't wait to hear if it meets or exceeds James Rocchi's expectations.

From my nice warm desk in Austin, I'm keeping an eye out for festival-related news, but I enjoy reading the personal stories about Sundance more than the lists of distribution deals. So I'm not just monitoring the wire services, I'm also watching the blogs. Film bloggers who are lucky enough to travel to Park City have been sharing anecdotes and gossipy tidbits about the upcoming festival, and are letting us know which films they're planning to see. Check out the following blog entries from a handful of Sundance attendees all preparing in earnest for a busy week of film-festival madness ... and check back with these bloggers in a week or so to see how it all panned out for them. ul>
  • One of the most interesting websites set to discuss this year's festival is Park City Fest Mob, where festivalgoers can use text messaging to comment on what's going on and answer questions from the rest of us. I'm not sure how useful it will be to those of us covering festival news remotely, but it's fun to read.
  • Alex Billington at FirstShowing.net shares his list of movies he's planning to see at Sundance this year. Okay, now I am starting to get envious, just a little bit. But Alex should maybe check out the next blog entry on this list ...
  • Anthony Kaufman wryly describes five ironies of Sundance 2007. Some, like the first on the list, are peculiar to Sundance. However, "The most buzzed-about films going into the festival are forgotten going out" is something I've noticed with every film festival I've attended. The movies I most look forward to seeing are often a disappointment, but there are always a few pleasant surprises.
  • If you want to know more about the "gift card" that Kaufman mentions, Ray Pride at Movie City Indie has some details on the Luxestar Card that will be offered to celebrities attending Sundance this year, so they don't have to lug around bags full of ostentatious luxury items.
  • Over at The Movie Cricket, Sean P. Means notes a problem for non-celebs at this year's fest: the $5/ticket price hike, which is particularly irritating for locals.
  • John August offers a consolation prize for those of us who can't attend the Sundance premiere of his movie The Nines: on Sunday night, he'll post significant excerpts of his screenplay for the film.
  • The Reeler points out the extent to which Sundance is "New York's world, and the rest of these LA hacks and scenester schmucks are just living in it." Do you agree?