Speak No Evil With Jeffrey Sebelia[Ed. note: We're thrilled that up-and-coming designer -- and the latest 'Project Runway' winner -- Jeffrey Sebelia has agreed to guest blog for us about awards-season fashion. In his inaugural post, Jeffrey relates his first-hand experiences of Golden Globes night, with Heidi Klum (natch!) and hubby Seal, and his take on the fashion statements of the evening. If you follow 'Runway,' you won't be surprised to discover that Jeffrey wasn't impressed ... but let him tell you himself. And please welcome him to the world of blogging. -AA]

Two weeks ago I was asked to make a tuxedo suit for Seal to wear to the Golden Globes, and as excited as I was it was a little bit of a freak out. The man was nominated for an award, and wanted to represent me while he was there. What an honor. So I set to designing this beautiful suit, and really began to try and picture what the whole event would look like. What would be the trends for this season? Who was going to stand out, and what possibly was going to influence fashion? Was it going to be something like J-Lo's rear end? Was some starlet going to wear a completely backless number letting us all think that maybe we could get away with the same thing? Were we going to see pailletes, sparkles, diamonds, glitz, money, fabulousness and dreams? And was I going to help Seal stand out and be classic, push the envelope a little, and still feel comfortable in this fish-bowl environment? The most important thing I realized for each of the stars was this ... know yourself, and know yourself well. Know what doesn't look good on you and DON'T WEAR THAT THING!

An hour before the show I was at Seal (and Heidi's ) house along with a whole group of friends and co-workers ... hair stylist, assistant, nanny, the whole thing; and at one point Heidi addressed the room and said something that I know was being echoed all through Hollywood that day. She said "the last thing we want is to end up on anyone's worst dressed list ... or to end up on When bad things happen to good people" Hear, hear!!!!! And that sparked off a conversation about who might end up in that category tonite, and what that might look like. Was it going to be someone's ass just hanging all out of their dress, or was it going to be an otherwise austere leading man donning a clown-like suit for want of being a little too independent.

p>Well I have to say the experience before the show was a lot more fun and excitng than the actual show ... and I also have to say I think that the Golden Globes' best dressed man and woman were right there in front of me the whole time. I felt that as a couple, Heidi and Seal looked better than anyone else that evening.

The trends were boring as hell ... not just the fact that there was a lot of white (because I actually loved the idea) but because noone did anything with it. There was no accessorizing. There was very little variation in silhouette, and my summary of the general picture looks like this: A veritable sea of white, Grecian, underpinned, ruched contrivances. Cautious and self-conscious ... under-accessorised, watered down to death, no sparkle, no glitz, nothing to inspire ... a big pile of boring.

Beyonce and Jessica RabbitI think Chloe Sevigny and Reese Witherspoon looked the best ... that is to say they really came as themselves and looked beautiful doing so. I think Cameron Diaz BLEW IT! Sienna Miller and Heidi Klum were stunning and creative, America needs more America ... and Beyonce Knowles did a great job going dressed as (and posing as) Jessica Rabbit.

For the men? Jeremy Irons' speech was the best ... and in a sea of what looked to me like a Pink Floyd video where penguin men march cockishly in circles around one another ... Seal seemed to embody the spirit best. His was the only ensemble that looked like he thought about it for more than a minute, and figured out how to execute. And for the record? it's not the suit I made him ... that is a black deerskin tuxedo that we are still working on. A piece of art that will be unveiled at the next, hopefully more exciting and much more fashion worthy event.

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