With the non-stop flow of Hollywood films parading through American multiplexes, it's sometimes easy to forget that the U.S. isn't the only country in the world making movies -- not by a long shot. This week on Trailer Park we're looking at trailers from around the world.

With film's like Trainspotting and 28 Days Later under his belt, British filmmaker Danny Boyle certainly knows bleak. Earth's sun is dying, and after one crew of astronauts failed in the attempt to reignite it (I'm sure it's just the pilot light), a new crew is dispatched as the last hope for humanity. 28 Days star Cillian Murphy is here, along with an interesting multi-national cast including Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Chris Evans and Michelle Yeoh. Boyle's track record alone has me excited about this one, although I wish the trailer had explained a bit more. Cillian Murphy's narration summarizes the plot, then we're treated to a barrage of action sequences. Interesting, sure, but I wanted a little more insight into the human drama I've come to expect from Boyle. At any rate, I'll be eagerly awaiting this one. Here's what Erik Davis thought of it.

The Host
There's a new domestic trailer out there for this Korean monster flick that's been getting lots of buzz for awhile now. Plans are already afoot for a U.S. remake, but the original will be hitting U.S. theaters on March 9 (news of U.S. distribution for the film was mentioned here). This trailer has English dialogue spoken by what appear to be American characters, so I'm not clear on whether the majority of the film is dubbed or subtitled (I'm sincerely hoping for the latter). Three generations of a Korean family are thrown into turmoil when their youngest member is taken by one of the most horrific movie monsters I've seen in many a day (and you don't even see it all that clearly). This trailer seems to play up the humor of the dysfunctional family more than the Korean trailer did. If enough of us go see this one, maybe we can render the remake superfluous before it's even made. Something to think about. a href="http://www.themoviebox.net/movies/2007/STUVWXYZ/Starter-For-Ten/trailer.php">Starter For 10
This one is actually a British/U.S. co-production, and it loses some points right away because even after watching the trailer, I have no idea what the title means. I suspect it may be a British turn of phrase I'm not familiar with. An English college student is looking for love. He falls for a drop dead gorgeous blonde, but there's another girl who may be more his type. Based on just the trailer, the plot details seem a bit hazy. A little further research reveals the movie takes place in 1985 (apparently British fashions of the period weren't as blinding as they were here in the States), and our main character is a working class kid getting through his first year of college. I'm on the fence about this one, but if I've learned anything from Monty Python's Flying Circus, it's that a British accent can act as a comedy amplifier. Might be worth a look. Martha Fischer discussed the film here.

The Valet
This French comedy is also slated for a U.S. remake, though I can't figure out why since the original already feels like a Hollywood film. A wealthy married man and his supermodel mistress are photographed together with said photo ending up in the tabloids. To protect his marriage, the man goes to great lengths to convince his wife (and everyone else) that his supermodel girlfriend is actually dating a random pedestrian who was also caught in the photo. To maintain the charade, supermodel and pedestrian must move in together. Merry mix-ups ensue. I try to avoid films that play like an extended episode of Three's Company, so I'll pass on this one.

Hallam Foe
If you couldn't tell from the use of the words "arsehole" and "nutter" in the trailer, this drama (first mentioned here on Cinematical back in October of 2005) hails from the U.K. Hallam Foe is an odd, voyeuristic young man. Again, we have a trailer here that doesn't give a solid view of what the film is about, but the presentation is stylish enough to make the viewer want to know more. Sophia Myles of Art School Confidential, and Claire Forlani of Meet Joe Black, are in the cast and the title role is played by Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot fame. Definitely want to see this one.