This year, Cinematical will be bringing you all the action at the Berlin International Film Festival live, and the official lineup has been announced this morning. The biggest surprise? Very few German films in the lineup this year, but four French and four Asian films made the cut. The festival starts off Feb.8 with the premiere of La vie en Rose, from French filmmaker Olivier Dahan and closes with Francois Ozon's Angel, the story of a young writer in early 20th century England. Other French films include The Witness and Jacques Rivette's Don't Touch the Axe. The biggest commercial screening at the fest will probably be 300, an adaptation of the Frank Miller comic book about a battle between ancient Sparta and Persia.

Notes on a Scandal will also screen at the festival, along with Hallam Foe, starring Jamie Bell as a young man living in the Highlands of Scotland. The entire lineup for this year's Berlinale is available after the jump, courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter.

p align="left">"300" by Zack Snyder, U.S. (World Premiere, Out of Competition)

"Angel" by Francois Ozon, France/Belgium/U.K. (World Premiere)/Closing Film

"Beaufort" by Joseph Cedar, Israel (World Premiere)

"Bordertown" by Gregory Nava, U.S. (World Premiere)

"Desert Dream" (Hyazgar) by Zhang Lu, Republic of Korea/France (World Premiere)

"Don't Touch The Axe" (Ne touchez pas la hache) by Jacques Rivette, France/Italy (World Premiere)

"Goodbye Bafana" by Bille August, Germany/France/Belgium/U.K./Italy (World Premiere)

"Hallam Foe" by David Mackenzie, U.K. (World Premiere)

"I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK" (Sai bo gu ji man gwen chan a) by Park Chan-wook, Republic of Korea (International Premiere)

"In Memory of Myself" (In memoria di me) by Saverio Costanzo, Italy (World Premiere)

"Irina Palm" by Sam Garbarski, Belgium/Germany/Luxembourg/U.K./France (World Premiere)

"I Served The King Of England" (Obsluhoval jsem anglickeho krale) by Jiri Menzel, Czech Republic / Slovakia (International Premiere)

"La Vie en Rose" by Olivier Dahan, France/U.K./Czech Republic (World Premiere)/Opening Film

"Letters From Iwo Jima" by Clint Eastwood, U.S. (European Premiere, Out of Competition)

"Lost In Beijing" (Ping guo) by Li Yu, China (World Premiere)

"Notes On A Scandal" by Richard Eyre, U.K. (International Premiere, Out of Competition)

"The Counterfeiters" (Die Faelscher) by Stefan Ruzowitzky, Germany/Austria (World Premiere)

"The Good German" by Stephen Soderbergh, U.S. (International Premiere)

"The Good Shepherd" by Robert de Niro, U.S. (International Premiere)

"The Other" (El otro) by Ariel Rotter, Argentina/France/Germany (World Premiere)

"The Walker" by Paul Schrader, U.S./U.K. (World Premiere, Out of Competition)

"The Witnesses" (Les Temoins) by Andre Techine, France (World Premiere)

"The Year My Parents Went On Vacation" (O ano em que meus pais sairam de ferias) by Cao Hamburger, Brazil / Argentina (International Premiere)

"Tuya's Marriage" (Tu ya de hun shi) by Wang Quan'an, China (World Premiere)

"When A Man Falls In The Forest" by Ryan Eslinger, Canada/U.S. (World Premiere)

"Yella" by Christian Petzold, Germany (World Premiere)

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