Chris Klein and Ginnifer GoodwinI know, I know. Today's all about Oscar nominations. But I still want to talk about the amazing day I had at the Moviefone house for Unscripted shootings. First, I get there and Heather Graham and Victor Rasuk have just finished taping an episode (for their movie 'Adrift in Manhattan'), and they came back to the greenroom to get their coats. They were both very cool, really friendly and all. And apparently Heather had asked Victor if he'd slept with some girl he'd mentioned as being a "big influence" on him, and he hadn't answered her, so she was like, "well, obviously the answer to that question is yes."

No sooner had Heather and Victor left, than in come Zooey Deschanel and Chris Klein for their Unscripted shoot, for their movie 'The Good Life.' They roll into the house with their entourage --

and by "entourage" I mean a publicist and, for Chris, his girlfriend, 'Big Love' star Ginnifer Goodwin, and for Zooey, her mom. And Zooey and Ginnifer start talking about bread (Zooey avoids it, Ginnifer loves it), which leads to Zooey revealing that her mom makes a loaf of bread every day. And she sets up her mom and Ginnifer in a conversation about bread-making. Oh, and the NFL playoff game is on the big screen, so Chris tells Ginnifer to stay and watch it while he's filming. And she does, and texts him about it and when he comes back, she says, "Did I do good?" and he says, "You did" and leans over and gives her a nice big kiss. They are ADORABLE together.

So then, when they'd gone, Parker Posey comes in (for 'Broken English'); she loves the candy bins we have set up in the house and gets her picture taken in the Moviefone photo booth. And then it was Ryan Reynolds and Elle Fanning (Dakota's little sis) for their movie 'The Nines,' and then Sarah Polley came in with her producer to talk about her film 'Away From Her.' And then to top it all off, Crispin Glover stopped by to talk about his self-produced movie 'It's Fine. Everything Is Fine!'

As you might imagine, after so many star sightings, I was exhausted. I'm leaving Sundance tomorrow, so I'll be able to detox the excessive celeb-viewing out of my system shortly.