Brokeback Mountain -- Last year's controversially Oscar-snubbed romance drama earns itself a brand-new 2-disc special edition. Word is that this re-release contains only a trio of new featurettes, so don't be so quick to give in to that double-dip sensation. On the positive side, this edition DOES come with eight Brokeback Mountain postcards ... for that special someone.

The Guardian
-- Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher star in a water-logged remake of An Officer and a Gentleman ... or any other military drama of the past 25 years in which a brash and headstrong recruit butts heads with a grizzled old veteran only to rely on the old guy's help when his lack of experience does indeed catch up with him, (Insert yawn here.) Extras include a director's commentary from Andrew Davis, a few deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and a pair of featurettes, one on the production and another focusing on the Coast Guard.

Jesus Camp
-- Some people called it a stick in the eye to religion; others called it an impressively objective look at religious zealotry. I call it a pretty fascinating documentary either way. This eye-opening look at one particular religious camp may warm your heart or it could chill your blood, but it's a pretty compelling look at a section of people I don't normally come across, and that's generally a worthwhile way to spend 90-some minutes. Extras include a filmmaker commentary and some deleted scenes. a href="">The Puffy Chair -- This charming and surprisingly amusing indie comedy (that I originall discovered at SXSW) finally hits "wide" DVD after a few trips through the festival circuit and a stint on the Netflix First banner. It's a simple little romantic comedy mixed with a road movie about the quest for the perfect birthday present: A big puffy purple La-Z-Boy. (Plus it's got a fantastic soundtrack.) Extras include a filmmakers' commentary, a van-bound "interview" between the Duplass Brothers, seven deleted scenes, four promotional videos, and three short films.

Saw 3
-- Last October's ickiest hit comes home in an Unrated Edition, and those who follow the series will be pleased to learn that they won't have to wait for October to get their extra gore! (The general release pattern for the Saw movies is: Theatrical DVD in January or February, and the Unrated edition in October, but no more!) The plot synopsis is moot for anyone outside the fanbase, and it's not really necessary for the veteran Saw-freaks, so I'll just note that I'm always down for a little extra gristle in my cinematic stew, plus I'm told the Uncut version delivers an extra five minutes of footage ... lots of which is probably nasty. Additional extras include three (!) separate audio commentaries, some deleted scenes, three featurettes and a few trailers.

-- Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance as a former junkie would probably be more than enough reason to see this gritty little indie about a street-bound mama who wavers between going straight and hitting the gutter ... but the story is actually pretty interesting too! Not the most unique tale ever told, but still a pretty engrossing one all the same. Far as I can tell, there's nada in the extras bin.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated -- You know how just a few days ago the MPAA (wisely and admirably) got together and decided to semi-revamp their entire system? And how they'll be more filmmaker-friendly and open to discussion regarding their film ratings? Yeah, well you can thank this movie for the big changes that are afoot. Kirby Dick's assault on the ratings board was seen by some as a bit too harsh and mercenary ... but hey, whatever it takes to get results, right? Extras include a director's commentary, some deleted scenes and footage from a festival Q&A session.
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