Cate Blanchett

So this weekend I went to my parents' house and decided to watch the SAG awards with my 2-year-old son, Harrison, my stepdad, Bruce and my Mom. A little background: My son has been sick all week and now I am sick and all I wanted to do was go to bed and ask my mom to put Harrison to sleep for me. However, I came to watch the SAG awards, and watch the SAG awards I did. But I'm not that excited about it, especially after last week's Golden Globes. I couldn't help but wonder why this was so important to me. I mean -- yes, fashion is my life -- but why is it that I don't even care who wins any of these awards? I just want to see what they are wearing.

Not to mention I spent all weekend isolated in Orange County with my parents and my little boy just sick and in a bubble. I forgot all about the competitive world of clothes while losing myself in family and Disney movies. All that said ... this is what I have to say about the SAG awards ... WOW! How much fun was it to watch these women in their dresses? I was hard pressed to find a least favorite. But I am committed to popping a judgmental eye into my head like a dirty old microscope and seeing what I can dig up. So don't fret my fellow droogies, I will throw someone under the bus before my jjjittery cold-medicine-filled fingers stop typing, and hopefully will give a few of you (or at the very least PRsucks) something else to be pissed off about.

font size="2">Kate Walsh

But first let me praise who I think might have been both the best dressed and the most stunning person on the red carpet at the SAGs: Cate Blanchett. God was she a sight. Some kinda Armani Prive gold lame perfectly fitted beaded nudish wrap of perfection. And accessorized very well. She vibrated with poise, beauty and chic in a class all her own. I was restored with hope.

My mom really loved Vanessa Williams' gown ... I was in the middle of a sneezing fit and missed it, but do remember thinking that it was OK, except for the color. Harrison seemed to take notice of Patricia Arquette, who is one of my personal all-time favorite actresses, and I had to agree that her dress was beautiful. It seemed vintage and historically beautiful ... Which leads me to trends (I hate trends) but I do have to take notice of them, and one that I actually don't mind is this trend toward vintage and retro. I like a certain amount of nostalgia in current fashion, and I happened to see a lot of it here.

Watching the different women really felt that way ... nostalgic, that is. There were a lot of nods toward "old Hollywood," starting with the set and decor of the event, and carried through by women like Arquette, 'Ugly Betty' bad girl Becki Newton (in a strapless red dress), Elizabeth Perkins in a ruby red Max Azria, Reese Witherspoon looking like a '50s housewife (again), Kate Walsh in a '70s inspired citron colored flowy chiffon piece, and my second favorite: Ellen Pompeo's Lanvin. I thought Heather Graham looked beautiful, and Katherine Heigl was amazing. It was fun to see that everyone put a lot of care into the thought of their outfits.

Forest Whitaker

The men -- of course -- stayed the course. What a bore. I feel so bad for us men ... It seems we have misused the luxury of choice when it comes to dressing soooo much that we aren't even allowed to do anything different anymore. It's funny how the goal of dressing the man for these events is to create an image of strength, virility and character ... but when everyone is wearing the same thing, all I can think is "gee ... when will your mom stop dressing you?"

A few men stood out to me -- like Forrest Whitaker and Eric Mabius in all black ... but for the most part I have to say that the worst dressed of the SAGs goes to: ALL THE MEN!!!!

If I closed one eye and focused the women out of the picture, I could swear I was looking at a group of men gathered for a political rally. A sea of rented tuxedos and suits ... with some slight variations on the tie color. Some grey, some black ... I even saw a white tie, however can't remember who was wearing it because I started sneezing again and got into a little bit of an argument with Harrison about why he shouldn't throw things at Grandpa's head. (He's 2!)

He already loves to pick out his own clothes. I encourage him to wear whatever he is feeling at the moment. His mom will often stop us before leaving the house and interfere ... usually self-conscious and wanting to make sure Harrison looks like every other 2 year old on the block ... insisting that this is important, but I know different. I can only hope that when the time comes, Harrison will be the man in that crowd of sameness who gives hope to other men and helps open the door of possibilities a little bit more.