Our own Erik Davis is over in Berlin, overdosing on cinema and typing his fingers off into the wee smas bringing you reviews and dispatches from the Berlinale. Erik can't be everywhere in Berlin at once, though, so we thought we'd check in with some other folks who are hanging out at the Berlinale to see what other folks think about what they're seeing there.

Checking in with one of my own regular reads, Daily Green Cine, the blog "joined at the hip" with DVD-rental service Green Cine always has interesting things to say about the world of indie film, so naturally they have some dispatches from Berlin. David Hudson and his daughter, Adrienne, have a great back-and-forth exchange about Park Chan-wook's (Oldboy) latest film, I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay. David was going to walk out of the screening about a half-hour in; he ended up staying and was glad he did, although he wasn't that wild about the film overall. Daughter Adrienne had a much different take on the film. Oh, and -- bonus! -- David confesses that he's yet to be really blown away by Park Chan-wook! It takes guts to stand up and openly admit you don't get the appeal of a filmmaker everyone else seems to be on the bandwagon for, so hooray for David for having the critical integrity not to just go along with the pack.

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Daily Green Cine pointed the way to another of my regular film-blog reads, Like Anna Karina's Sweater, where Filmbrain has a dispatch up about how the lovely snow blanketing Berlin is better than the films thus far.

If you happen to read Spanish, head on over to La Coctelera: tragicomedias, where they have a write-up on opening night film La Vie en Rose (aka "the Edith Piaf flick"). I couldn't quite make out all of it, but it also mentions the arrival in Berlin of one of my favorite actors, Gael Garcia Bernal, who one of four actors serving on this year's Berlinale jury.

As Erik noted upon his arrival in Berlin, they speak a lot of German there. So it only seems fair to include a German-language blog or two in our Berlinale Group Hug: German-speaking fans can get their fix over at Spiegel, which has a lengthy Berlinale write-up, about 80% of which I was actually able to understand (who knew I'd retain so much from four years of high school German, when I surely slept through at least half the classes?).

Other German-language blogs writing various things about the Berlinale include the RBB Berlinale Blog and Festival Blog, both of which I found via German blog Text and Blog.

South Korean pop culture blog PopSeoul! has been busy following popular South Korean actor Rain, who stars in Park Chah-wook's I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay. The site has a picture of the actor, presumably at Berlin with his co-star Lim Su-Jung, and speculates on whether the actor glued a hairpiece on for the occasion. You be the judge.

And of course, indieWIRE is at Berlin giving it their usual full-court press. indieWIRE's Euguene Hernandez has a couple of dispatches up, including one discussing actress Marion Cotillard's transformation into singer Edith Piaf in fest-opener La Vie en Rose, and another about Uni co-chair David Linde waxing eloquent in his keynote speech about the big studio's plans to work more closely with filmmakers and producers in Germany, Japan and Brazil in creating films that more specifically target certain markets.
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