The MessengersHappy Fat Tuesday! I truly hope you're all wearing dozens of strands of beads by now. If not, get on that.

In other news, Nicolas Cage's spectacle-laden, comic-book-based Ghost Rider blazed to an easy weekend box-office victory with a Friday-to-Sunday haul of $44.5 million, more than twice the gross of its closest competitor. Here's what Patricia predicted on Friday:

1. Ghost Rider
2. Bridge to Terabithia
3. Norbit
4. Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls
5. Music and Lyrics

And here's the actual top five for the weekend:

  1. Ghost Rider - $44.5 million
  2. Bridge to Terabithia - $22.1 million
  3. Norbit - $16.8 million
  4. Music and Lyrics - $14.0 million
  5. Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls - $12.1 million

Get the full box-office report here.

The MessengersCan't say there are really too many big surprises here. The well-reviewed adaptation of the beloved children's book Bridge to Terabithia put forth a strong showing to land the No. 2 spot, beating out last weekend's champ -- the not-so-well-reviewed but surprisingly box-office-beloved Norbit -- by a solid $5 mil margin. The No. 4 and 5 spots were a little harder to predict, with both Music and Lyrics and Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls fighting for the dinero of guys who belong to the I-didn't-want-to-deal-with-the-crowds-on-Valentine's-Day-so-I'm-going-to-make-up-for-it-by-taking-my-girlfriend-slash-wife-to-see-a-chick-flick-over-the-weekend school of thought (gentlemen, I applaud you). And here, it seems it was all about Hugh, with Music dominating Tyler Perry as if he were a Little Girl.

p>Here are the results from this weekend's prediction. Four of you wily posters will actually sit atop the box-office prediction throne together: Bubba8193, Steve Mason Evilone 1414 and MrPKI. Each and every one of you were five-for-five in your predictions, resulting in a foursome of sweet perfection. Congratulations -- and stay primed and pumped. Patricia tells me she plans to dominate all this coming weekend.

1. Bubba8193 - 16

2. Steve Mason - 16

3. Evilone 1414 - 16

4. MrPKI - 16

5. Patricia - 12

6. Zach - 11

7. Mario - 11

8. Chris - 11

9. Tangoeco - 9

10. Brody - 8

11. Alyssa - 7

12. Aka - 5

13. Greg -5