Let's say you're both a filmmaker and an environmentalist, and you've made this great short film. Maybe you don't have Al Gore in your film all pumped up and talking about global warming, and you couldn't land Melissa Etheridge to write you a nifty theme song. But still, it's a pretty good little film with an environmental message. You worked your tailfeathers off making it, maxed out your credit cards, borrowed money from your folks and scrounged costume and prop pieces from all your friends, and at the end of all that, what are you going to do with it?

Lucky for you, we may have just the answer. The folks at Gen Art, in partnership with Planet Green Game (which is itself a partnership between Starbucks and Global Green USA) have announced a call for entries for the debut of Gen Arts' Online Film Festival. A panel of Gen Art judges will select seven films from among the entries they receive based on "originality, quality and congeniality with the festival's 'Green' theme." Specifically, they're looking for films in which the filmmakers "share their thoughts, concerns, hopes, and visions about the growing climate crisis."

The catch (oh, you knew there was going to be at least one) is that you only have until March 21 to submit your entry, so unless you're a really fast filmmaker, this is mostly targeted at folks who have already made a film that falls within those parameters. If you really have a passion for the topic, though, hey, don't let time stop you -- go grab your film school buds and whip out a short within the next week.

The seven lucky short films selected by the Gen Art panel will be posted on both the Gen Art website and through an "interactive avatar-based environment at Planet Green. That's where the rest of you come in: you'll have from March 29th-April 13 to watch the films and vote for your favorite. The filmmaker whose short gets the most online votes will receive $2500 (that'll help pay off that credit card bill) plus a prize package and a premiere screening at the Gen Art Film Festival in NYC, which runs April 11-17. Be sure to let us know if your film gets in there, so we can check it out!