Well, Scott pegged it way back in December, I slammed it earlier today, and now it's official: Yes, Virginia, Sandra Bullock's latest film, Premonition, really is that bad. One day into its opening, and the film has officially made the Rotten Tomatoes 100 Worst-Reviewed Films of All Time.

The film achieved this monumental place in history by earning an abyssmal 9% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes (surprisingly, the "Cream of the Crop actually have it sitting at 15% -- they're usually smarter than that). Yay! Hey, I always say, if you're gonna be a really bad film, then by golly, be the worst bad film you can be.

And Premonition is a really bad film. Here's what other critics are saying about just how rotten they think it is:

"At least all this uncertainty is leading up to a spectacular twist ending - oh, wait. No, it's not. We never get a sensible explanation for Linda's bizarre double life, or uncover any reason - any reason at all - why Bullock would pick this lazy, patchwork script out of all the ones she surely receives every year." -- Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

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span class="georgia md" id="bodytext">"McMahon is no match for his co-star. His bland good looks and manner are perfectly adequate on "Nip/Tuck." But he's a stiff on the big screen -- even before Jim's rendezvous with the grim reaper." -- Ruthe Stein, San Francisco Chronicle

"As "Premonition" zigzags toward its solution it loses its head completely, packing a risible final reel with left-field religious disquisitions and heartfelt warnings against infidelity." -- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

"In Premonition, Sandra Bullock plays a woman going through a horrifying experience. She keeps waking up in this movie." -- Bill Muller, Arizona Republic

"In the convulted thriller (and I use that term loosely) Premonition, directed by Mennan Yapo and written by Bill Kelly, Bullock looks like she's suffering from a migraine the entire film." -- Rebecca Murray, About.com

Shockingly, one of the more positive reviews of the film is from the Village Voice. In the good old days, the Voice would have been drop-kicking this film into the stratosphere, but Nathan Lee inexplicably likes it enough to give it a "fresh" rating:

"Linda may be having a premonition, she may be mad, or this may all be an elaborate form of catharsis leaking into a mind cracked from trauma. What it is not, finally, is connected to any persuasive moral or emotional core, though it does resolve with a denouement at once tougher and sappier than expected."

And there must be something about being from Detroit and actually liking this movie, because both Tom Long from the Detroit News and Terry Lawson from Detroit Free Press gave it fresh ratings as well. All I can guess is that they got a different print of the film in Detroit than the rest of the world got, because I have no other logical explanation for quotes like these about a movie this bad:

"He strikes precisely the sort of note filmmakers are constantly striving to hit, a tone as filled with imagination as it is ripe with fragility and feeling."
-- Tom Long, Detroit News

"Yet "Premonition" maintains a chilly grip on the viewer, almost in spite of the spotty storytelling. This is made possible by the ever-present sense of dread and psychic confusion imposed by the German director Mennan Yapo ..." -- Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press

Joining Premonition in the updated RT Worst of the Worst list are The Order and Urban Legend: Final Cut.Sadly, some other truly bad films, including the laughably awful From Justin to Kelly, were bumped from the list to make room for the newbies. Which films are the worst? Yeah, Glitter is still on there. So are three Uwe Boll films (shocking, we know). Go check out the rest of the list, then come back and let us know what you think about the Worst 100.
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