If you can't wait another five weeks for the release of 28 Weeks Later on May 11, the good people at Fox Atomic are sympathetic -- they've just dropped us a few new pics that give you some hints as to what you can expect. The film picks up where Danny Boyle's 2002 horror hit 28 Days Later left off, with an incurable virus having completely decimated the population of Britain by turning most of the people into savage zombie-killers. When 28 Weeks Later begins, the U.K. is now deserted and under the control of the U.S. military; the viral infection is supposedly contained, so the Army is attempting to begin a slow repopulation of the country -- how do you think that will turn out? The first pic, above, is captioned 15 Days Later, setting the mood of a quarantined Britain, with the mass evacuation of all uninfected citizens having been ordered. The rest are after the jump -- just click on the pics to get the full-sized, uncut image.


28 Days Later --
Mainland Britain has been destroyed by the Rage Virus

11 Weeks Later -- An American-led NATO force enters London

18 Weeks Later -- Mainland Britain is declared free of infection and reconstruction begins

24 Weeks Later -- Repatriation Begins

28 Weeks Later -- Opens May 11