Last week, evilone1414 and isaac showed the power of being eeeevil by scoring a perfect 16 points in our weekly prediction game. (Sorry to lump you in there, isaac, but your name doesn't have anything I can make fun of.) Will Master of Evil Anthony Hopkins show similar devilish luck -- sorry, skill -- this weekend?

Ryan Gosling in FractureFracture
What It's About: Wiley coyote Anthony Hopkins shoots his wife and then cops to it -- so why can't hotshot prosecutor Ryan Gosling slam this case shut?
Why It Might Do Well: You've got an Oscar winner (Hopkins) and an Oscar nominee (Gosling) going mano-a-mano in a psychological thriller that's getting largely positive reviews. And while the movie's targeting serious adult moviegoers, Gosling's got plenty of female fans, too. (Oh, Sir Tony, you know the ladies love you.)
Why It Might Not Do Well: Remember what I just said about the movie targeting "serious adult moviegoers"? With rare exceptions, these types of movies don't tend to finish first at the box office. And neither actor is a guaranteed box office draw.
Prediction: $12 million

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale in VacancyVacancy
What It's About: A squabbling husband and wife (Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale) undergo an extreme version of couples therapy when they check into a dirtbag motel, only to find they've been cast as the leads in the staff's next home-movie snuff film. Umm, congrats?
Why It Might Do Well: Horror sells, and this one's got an interesting and original premise. Also, Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale? Pretty.
Why It Might Not Do Well: It's rated R, so it'll lose some of its intended audience to the more teen-friendly Disturbia. And unlike the rest of the Frat Pack, Wilson has proved curiously incapable of building on his Old School success.
Prediction: $14 million

p>Adam Brody and Kristen Stewart in In the Land of WomenIn the Land of Women
What It's About: Adam Brody plays a writer of softcore porn (yes, really -- what would Sandy Cohen think?) who, after being dumped by his movie star girlfriend, flees to Michigan to care for his grandmother and winds up involved with both his MILF neighbor (Meg Ryan) AND her jailbait daughter (Kristen Stewart).
Why It Might Do Well: It's the only film opening that plays heavily to women, and unlike Fracture and Vacancy, it's rated PG-13.
Why It Might Not Do Well: The directing debut from Jonathan Kasdan (son of Lawrence Kasdan), has a bit of an identity crisis: It's not a romantic comedy, and contrary to what the trailers indicate, it's not really about the relationship between Brody and Stewart. The two young stars are incredibly talented, but with Ryan, the film's biggest name, relegated to the sidelines, the movie may have trouble finding a wide audience.
Prediction: $7 million

Hot FuzzHot Fuzz
What It's About: A top-notch London cop (Simon Pegg) is demoted to the sleepy village of Sandford because he's making the other cops look bad. Saddled with a bumbling, earnest partner (Nick Frost) and an apathetic police force, he discovers that Sandford may not be quite as crime-free as it seems.
Why It Might Do Well: This dead-on parody of big-budget cop films (Point Break, Bad Boys II) comes to you courtesy of the team behind the sleeper zombie hit Shaun of the Dead (director Edgar Wright, screenwriters Wright and Pegg, actors Pegg and Frost) -- and it's by far the funniest film to hit theaters this year.
Why It Might Not Do Well: It's only opening on 825 screens, so it'll take a Borat-like feat for Hot Fuzz to crack the top five, no matter how freakin' awesome it is.
Prediction: $7 million

What's your top five prediction? And what are you looking forward to seeing this weekend? Get those picks in by 5pm on Saturday, people. Please don't make me beg.

My Weekend Prediction
1. Vacancy
2. Disturbia
3. Fracture
4. Blades of Glory
5. Meet the Robinsons

Last Week's Prediction Results
1.Evilone1414: 16
1.Isaac: 16
3. Bubba8193: 12
4. Patricia: 10
4. Stuart: 10
4. Mario: 10
7. Gilbert Davis: 9
8. MrPKI: 7