What up, movie peeps? First, let's see what happened with last week's predict 'em game. When the dust cleared Sunday, the final top five looked like this:

1. Disturbia - $13.5 million
2. Fracture - $11.2 million
3. Blades of Glory - $7.8 million
4. Vacancy - $7.6 million
5. Meet the Robinsons - $7.1 million

Our winner? Evilone1414, who, just like a certain movie about a teenaged peeping tom, was king of the hill for the second week in a row -- getting every pick right except for reversing the order of Vacancy and Meet the Robinsons. Evil rules! As for myself, I finished dead last ... again. Looks like this week -- the notorious Last Weekend of April, not known for its high-quality fare (last year's No. 1: RV) -- I may need the services of someone who can actually see the future. Now, who would that be?

Nicolas Cage in NextNext
What It's About: Nicolas Cage stars as a small-time clairvoyant magician and card shark who, after having a vision of L.A. being annihilated, must decide whether or not to use his power for good.
Why It Might Do Well: It's an incredibly weak field of movies this weekend, with everyone getting out of the way of the advancing Spider-Man juggernaut. Next is the only standout in terms of marketing and expectations, and Nicolas Cage is certainly a draw (just look at Ghost Rider).
Why It Might Not Do Well: Reason number one would have to be Cage's hair, which is giving Tom Hanks' unfortunate 'do in The Da Vinci Code a run for its money. Help me think of a name for this hairstyle: the Emo Phillips? Reason number two: The film's pretty generic as far as action movies go, and probably wouldn't be a blip on anyone's radar were it opening in any month other than April.
Prediction: $14 million

p>Justin Chatwin in The InvisibleThe Invisible
What It's About: Justin Chatwin plays a kid who's attacked and left for dead; hovering in an almost-dead-guy limbo, he fights to figure out a way to re-enter the land of the living.
Why It Might Do Well: This movie should supplant Disturbia in terms of the "teens who like thrillers" demographic.
Why It Might Not Do Well: Chatwin's a rising star, but he's not an actual star yet -- he's still better known as "that kid from War of the Worlds." Also, see "April, Last Weekend of."
Prediction: $7 million

The CondemnedThe Condemned
What It's About: Convict Jack Conrad (former wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin) is released from death row, only to be sent to a desert island with nine other murderers; last guy standing gets to live. It's Prison Break meets Survivor meets The Running Man.
Why It Might Do Well: Consider the awesomeness of a) the lead actor's name, b) the poster's tagline: "10 People Will Fight. 9 People Will Die. You Get to Watch." Seriously, though, wrestling fans could give this one some legs. The Marine, which featured former WWE star John Cena, earned $7.1 million in its opening weekend, and that could be enough to break the top five this weekend.
Why It Might Not Do Well: That thing I said about the poster. Also, it's the weekend's only R-rated film. Aaaand ... see "April, Last Weekend of."
Prediction: $5 million

Also opening wide: Kickin' It Old Skool, in which Jamie Kennedy plays a break-dancer who wakes up from a 20-year coma. Bust it!

I predict, you predict, we all predict. C'mon, everybody's doing it -- give it your best shot. But no pressure or anything. (Prediction deadline: Saturday at 6pm, if you please.)

My Weekend Prediction:
1. Next
2. Disturbia
3. The Invisible
4. Fracture
5. Blades of Glory

Last Week's Prediction Rankings
1. Evilone1414: 12
2. Fmj: 9
2. Bubba8193: 9
2. Chris: 9
2. Stuart: 9
3. Mario: 8
4. Patricia: 7