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Bondcast is finally back! We had some faulty equipment from Q Branch that led to this podcast being late. Q warned us that it was last used in the field by a certain Double 0 agent, and it might be a bit worse for wear. He was right, and we had to return it for servicing. Thankfully we didn't set off the embedded flamethrower or tear gas cannisters by accident.

In this episode Athena and I cover a very wide range of subjects, touching on everything from Daniel Craig's swimsuit, Pierce Brosnan's birthday, James Bond video games, and even Neil Gaiman ... which happens when you venture into tangent-ville. There's a slew of information in this episode, including upcoming DVD commentaries, events, book news, and more. Check out some of the highlights after the break, and be sure to give it a listen.
  • You can download Mike Nelson's RiffTrax commentary for Casino Royale right here. Check out all the other work they have on the site, too. If you're a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, you'll love RiffTrax.
  • Dying to look like Daniel Craig did while strutting through the surf in his first outing as James Bond? Well, now you can buy the swimsuit and start doing sit ups.
  • The above image for this post is the James Bond poster I saw at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino (formerly in Las Vegas. It's signed by all the actors who have played James Bond in the movies, and if you have $3000 burning a hole in your pocket, and an empty space on your walls, you might want to pick this baby up.
  • Visit the very gracious Richard Kiel's website, and find out all about Jaws. He has all his recent news, videos, and merchandise on his site, including his book.
  • Near San Francisco and want to see Jaws in person? Check out the 007 Weekend, where you can see the movies on the big screen, and meet the big guy himself.
  • Special Agent John Cox has all the literary Young Bond news you can shake a stick at over at Young Bond Dossier, including information on the new book. That cover image is pretty shiny ... and cool.
  • Speaking of the Young Bond books, veteran actor Nathaniel Parker reads the audio book versions.
  • Still in more book news, and thanks to John again, check out all the information he has on the James Bond graphic novels, including the ones based on the Young Bond novels, as well as the older Titan reprints.
  • Live near Maryland? Go visit Bond Girl Priscilla Barnes at the Gaithersburg Antique & Collectible Show. We hope they're not saying Priscilla is an antique, because she looked just fine in The Devil's Rejects.
  • Join us (especially Athena) in wishing Pierce Brosnan a very happy birthday on May 16th! Plus, if you haven't seen his film The Matador, with Greg Kinnear, then it's high time you did. Consider it your present to him.
  • What's happening in the world of James Bond video games? Check out the stories at our sister site, Joystiq.
  • Are you a fan of movies, television, comic books, or general geekery? Then check out San Diego's Comic-Con International, where you can find a bit of everything, including me and Athena!
  • If you rode our tangent all the way to the end, then you owe it to yourself to check out Neil Gaiman's wonderful website. If you haven't read any of his books yet, start with Neverwhere and let us know what you think. Or thought. Or will think. See? Off topic, yet again.
And that's all we said! Join us for our next episode as we continue to bring you wonders from the world of Bond, including our summer events, some interviews, and our own Casino Royale commentary. We'll tell you what really went on.

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