I'm not usually into the kinds of movies distributed by Lionsgate, but I have to admit that I'm a fan of their marketing department. Even when they're controversial or tasteless, I still have to give them props for having guts. Just to recap on some of their major achievements in boundary breaking: there's the nude, decapitated Bijou Philips poster for Hostel II; there's the controversial torture-depicting billboards for Captivity (though reportedly After Dark Films was responsible, not Lionsgate); and of course those Saw movies always seem to come with some interesting and "unacceptable" ad campaigns. Typically, it's just the horror movies that give us such gross or outrageous posters, but now Lionsgate has some new racy ads for its upcoming comedy Good Luck Chuck.

There are two posters, and I'm sure you won't see either of them hanging up at your local, family-friendly multiplex -- and not just because they are international teasers. The first features Jessica Alba holding a phallic ice cream cone, which is dripping all over her hand. I guess some people might not get the point, but it is more than a little obvious what that cone is supposed to represent. Then there's the second poster, featuring a shirtless Dane Cook with a very pleased look on his face. Oh yeah, and there's also the top of someone's head at the bottom of the poster. Nobody's missing the point with that one. The most interesting non-sexual thing about the posters is their use of the taglines "There's something about Jessica" and "There's something about Dane". Are they intentionally trying to make us connect the phrase to There's Something About Mary, or is it just me? Evoking one of the most popular raunchy comedies certainly makes sense, but still. In addition to the dirty ad campaign, Lionsgate has a website up for Good Luck Chuck, which includes a montage of phrases where the F-word is substituted with the name Chuck. For example: "chuck you" and "go chuck yourself". It isn't too crazy, but I think they went a little overboard by including "me chuck you long time." Lionsgate will release Good Luck Chuck in theaters this August.
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