Everybody's been in that situation, the one where -- for good or ill -- you've traveled outside your comfort zone and find yourself in unfamiliar territory. The trailers we're looking at today feature actors or characters in situations that are new to them. It's Fish Out of Water week on Trailer Park.

He Was a Quiet Man
Christian Slater plays an office drone who saves a woman's life when one of his co-workers goes postal. In keeping with today's theme, Slater's character is thrust into fame and a new position in the company, and develops a romance with the now paralyzed woman. Maybe it's because I haven't seen him in a film recently, but Slater seems to have transformed for the role, and it took me a second to recognize him (that's him in the photo above). This looks like the sort of film that will get a limited release, but I think it will be worth seeking out. Jette reviewed the film here.

Blonde Ambition
While I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson's work, the recent behavior of her contemporaries Britney, Lindsay and Paris make Simpson look downright level-headed by comparison, so I tried to cast aside any preconceived notions I had about her, although that "Chicken of the Sea" thing was kind of hard to forget. Blonde Ambition has her playing a young country girl who follows her fiancé to the big city only to find that he's been cheating on her. Marriage was her one and only dream, and with that gone she stays in the city to forge a future of her own. The trailer has a few laughs in it, mostly in the scenes Simpson shares with Luke Wilson, but it kind of hits a sour note when our heroine's manipulative new employer gives the mousy country girl a makeover and she emerges looking like... well, looking like Jessica Simpson. This is a big transformation? The whole hick in the city thing has been done so many times I see no value in reworking it. The film doesn't look horrible, but that won't be enough to get me to shell out for a ticket. Here's Erik's take on the trailer.

The Game Plan
Dwayne Douglas Johnson, better known as pro-wrestler turned actor The Rock stars in this dopey looking family comedy. Kudos to him for trying something different, but this one just makes me cringe. The Rock plays a pro football player who suddenly finds himself caring for a daughter he never knew he had, and this testosterone-based life form is forced to find his inner daddy. Alleged hilarity ensues. The presence of someone as well known as The Rock is the only thing that keeps this from feeling like a made-for-Disney Channel movie. a href="http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2031408050">Enchanted
Good lord, they've swiped the plot from Mannequin 2: On the Move, probably the most dreadful sequel in all of sequel-dom. If someone has a bible handy, could you please check the Book of Revelations to see if this is one of the signs of the apocalypse? OK, the resemblance is superficial, so it's not as bad as all that. Mannequin 2 was an incredibly stupid comedy for adults, while Enchanted uses a similar idea for what looks like a fun family movie. A Disney-esque cartoon princess, her handsome prince, and an evil witch are transported to modern day New York City. Notable moments include the princess about to break into song when her new friend urges her not to, and a Snow White-style housecleaning montage with the aid the princess's animal friends: a pack of big honking rats. Here's what Monika had to say about the trailer.

My Blueberry Nights
Here's one of those trailers that leaves the viewer with no idea what the movie is actually about, but I'm intrigued anyway. Singer/songwriter Norah Jones stars in her first film with the likes of Jude Law, David Strathairn, Natalie Portman, Tim Roth and Rachel Weisz. A cast like that doesn't guarantee a great film, but it certainly indicates one that bears watching. According to the synopsis on IMDB, the plot involves Jones's character traveling across the U.S. looking for answers about love while meeting a collection of offbeat characters. I want to see this one. Cinematical's James Rocchi reviewed the film at Cannes.

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