My most recent quest for trailers of interest led me to several previews with exotic and/or unreal locales. This week on Trailer Park we're looking at films that present worlds beyond the ordinary.

This animated French film creates a world that fascinated from the very first seconds of the trailer, despite the fact that the preview is entirely in French with no English subtitles. Based on an autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi that takes place in pre-revolutionary Iran, the black and white animation reminds me a bit of comics drawn by Los Bros Hernandez and other indie comic artists, but the film's look is very much its own. The trailer alone had me wanting to see this, but James Rocchi's proclamation that this is "a fresh, moving, out-of-the-gate masterpiece," (check out his review here) sealed the deal.

The Golden Compass
Based on the first book in the Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series, this trailer plays up the fact that New Line brought us the Lord of the Rings movies. This tale of a twelve year old girl on an epic quest through a magnificently designed parallel universe will also bring to mind such recent fantasy films as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the Harry Potter films. This world in which blimps float over futuristic cities, polar bears can talk and seemingly every piece of technology is run by clockwork gears looks fascinating. Don't just take my word for it; have a look for yourself:

Becoming Jane

Anne Hathaway stars as British novelist Jane Austen in this drama set in the eighteenth century. Fiction writing was a male dominated field at the time, and Jane's passion for it is met with some disdain. When Lady Gresham (Maggie Smith) is told of Jane's desire to write her response is, "can anything be done about it?" Jane's love for a penniless man meets with equal displeasure. "Affection is desirable," she is told, "but money is absolutely indispensable." The costumes and period settings are first rate, and the cast looks quite good. I'm normally not a fan of this type of film, but I think it's Miss Hathaway that's drawing me to this one. Here's Ryan's take on it. em>
DOA: Dead or Alive

While I liked the first Resident Evil, my general feeling about movies based on video games have been formed by the likes of Silent Hill and House of the Dead, and that feeling is that it's a horrible horrible idea. DOA: Dead or Alive looks mind-blowingly awful. Admittedly, the scene at the beginning of the trailer when a super sexy super spy manages to get her bra back on and retrieve her gun in a single move is kind of clever -- to say nothing of hot -- things get real stupid real fast. Apparently all these spies and butt-kickers from around the world have been gathered to compete and beat the tar out of each other. Someone somehow is stealing their fighting abilities to make an unstoppable army, and this rag-tag group of mercenaries must join forces. I enjoy a little martial arts mayhem as much as the next guy, but this is just too over the top. I'm saying no thanks to this one.

The Last Winter
This trailer is for a horror film about an advanced team for an oil company at a remote outpost in the arctic where some sort of supernatural shenanigans is going on. The setting makes me think of John Carpenter's The Thing, while the trailer itself feels like an early rough cut that displays images in a seemingly random order. The trailer gives only the barest of ideas of what the film is about, but it's enough to get my imagination going. Ron Perlman is in there, which by itself suggests the film has promise, and Cinematical's Scott Weinberg listed this one on his top ten horror movies for 2007. I think there's creepy goodness to be had here. According to the film's official site, The Last Winter will hit theaters in September.

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  • Introducing the Dwights - A heartfelt comedy about a mother who tries to come between her son and his coming of age.

  • Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox - Documentary about Dr. Emanuel Bronner who hoped to unite the world with his peppermint flavored soap.
  • Arctic Tale - Documentary about the effect of global warming on arctic wildlife.
  • Game Plan - The Rock plays a pro-football star who finds himself responsible for a daughter he never knew he had.