It's deplorable in real life, and even in the movies it's not always welcome, but let's face it, violence is a key element of a lot of films. This week's Trailer Park is Rated V For Violent.

Shoot 'Em Up
I have to admit I never would have expected to see Paul Giamatti in an action film (Planet of the Apes doesn't count, because you couldn't see him). Giamatti plays a hit man on the trail of a woman (Monica Bellucci) and her baby. Clive Owen seems to be reprising his role of guardian angel from Sin City and Children of Men, as he plays a former soldier with black ops training who takes it upon himself to protect mother and child. As the title implies, there's lots of gun play and stunts as well as some humor, and more than once I got the impression that this trailer was being beamed in from a parallel universe where Owen was the new James Bond. Looks like it should be a good time, and my favorite scene was Owen trying to buy bullets with food stamps. Here's Scott's take on the trailer.

Daddy Day Camp
I'm not saying that every comedy has to be a "smart" comedy. Sometimes three idiots whacking each other in the head with blunt objects or a rabbit armed with an anvil and some dynamite will get the job done. But when a trailer has a puke gag, an injury to the groin joke (there's your violence), and an exploding toilet bit, I'm inclined to think this is going to be a painfully stupid movie. This sequel to Daddy Day Care sees Cuba Gooding Jr. assuming the role played by Eddie Murphy, and he wants to expand his day care business into the summer months, hence the title. Yet another film that proves winning an Oscar doesn't necessarily guarantee a stellar career. Interestingly enough, Fred Savage is directing.
a href="">The Wizard of Gore
Crispin Glover creeped us out in the remake of Willard, now he's continuing the trend by starring in a remake of The Wizard of Gore (Monika previously discussed the film's website here). The 1970 film was directed by exploitation pioneer Herschell Gordon Lewis who is largely credited with creating the gore movie with 1963's Blood Feast. Like most of Lewis's horror films, the original Wizard existed solely to use gallons of stage blood and entrails, with other elements like acting, plot and logic being a distant second, so I can't see many people getting too upset about the remake trashing Lewis's vision. Like the original, this new film deals with a stage magician named Montag the Magnificent (Glover) whose show involves the graphic disembowelment of volunteers from the audience, only to have them return safely to their seat at the end of the trick. Those same volunteers end up mysteriously dead later. Could Montag be to blame? The remake has an interesting filmnoir look to it, and if you need to cast an over the top weirdo, you can't do much better than Glover. This should be fun.

Crazy Love
A disturbing looking documentary about Burt Pugach and Linda Riss, a couple who began dating in the 1950's. Linda left Burt when she learned he was married, and in response Burt hired some men to throw acid in Linda's face. After several years in prison for the crime Burt was freed, and in 1971 Burt and Linda married. I'm not sure about this one. True crime stuff can be fascinating, but this dysfunctional romance is something I don't want to wrap my mind around. James Rocchi reviewed the film when it played Sundance.

The Brave One
In Neil Jordan's latest, Jodie Foster plays a woman who, along with her husband (played by Lost's Naveen Andrews) is brutally assaulted, and when she awakens three weeks later she learns her husband was killed in the attack. She then embarks upon a path of revenge (more of the Death Wish variety than the Batman), illustrated by a rather chilling scene on a train in which she uses herself as bait to kill two predatory men. The point of the film seems to be the extreme acts people are capable of performing when pushed to the edge. I like the looks of the cast, which also includes Terrence Howard, but the trailer doesn't seem to be selling anything unique. I suspect I may wait for the DVD. Here's what Jessica thought of the trailer.

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