Similar to the game Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon, connecting one film project to another is simply a question of finding what they have in common. It's Connect the Dots week on Trailer Park.

Rocket Science
Since we're currently in the thick of the Summer blockbuster season and all the excess that goes along with it, this quirky little no frills comedy is a breath of fresh air. A teenage boy with a stutter is recruited for the debate team and he falls for the girl who talked him into joining up. There's a hilarious scene of our tortured hero throwing a cello through someone's window that has me wanting to find out what it's all about. This one looks downright charming, with a vague hint of Napoleon Dynamite. Cinematical's Scott Weinberg reviewed the film at Sundance. And speaking of first loves...

30 days of Night
One of my first loves was comics (sad, I know), and this film is based on a graphic novel. A swarm of vampires prey on a small Alaska town that won't see daylight for another month. A cool concept, though I seem to recall a similar idea being used in an episode of the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone. Here's a trailer that doesn't waste any time. Almost immediately something unseen breaks through a window and drags a woman outside and underneath a nearby building while her husband gives pursuit. The impression I'm getting here is Salem's Lot on steroids, and this baby looks wicked cool. Here's Scott's take on the trailer. And speaking of vampires...

a href="">I Am Legend
Ever since I heard Will Smith was going to star in this adaptation of Richard Matheson's apocalyptic vampire novel I've been worried that Smith might take a breezy light-hearted approach to the character of Robert Neville, which would be completely wrong for a story this somber. Based on the trailer, I think my fears were unfounded. There's some striking imagery here, particularly a scene of the Air Force destroying one of the bridges out of New York City, presumably to prevent the spread of the plague, and some haunting scenes of Smith with the city entirely to himself. No sign of the vampires here, which I think adds mystery to the whole thing. It's also interesting to note that the trailer is acknowledging the previous adaptations of the novel with the tagline "The Last Man on Earth is Not Alone." The exact same line was used in the trailer for the 1971 version The Omega Man, and of course the 1964 version was called The Last Man on Earth. Here's James Rocchi's take on the trailer. And of course vampires get me thinking of other monsters...

No Country For Old Men

...and the character played by Javier Bardem in this trailer seems monstrous indeed. While showing some interesting scenes, this is one of those trailers that doesn't give a clear idea of the plot (a pet peeve of mine), but this latest film from Joel and Ethan Coen appears to be a dark and violent tale. James Rocchi's reviewed the film, and from what I've gleaned from his review the film is about a man played by Josh Brolin discovering several dead bodies, a huge amount of cash and a huger pile of heroin. Bardem plays the man who comes looking for the money and Tommy Lee Jones is the sheriff tracking both men. Since it's a Coen Brothers movie, it's got to be worth a look, and the cast list, which also includes Woody Harrelson is an impressive one. And speaking of interesting casts...

Vantage Point
Here's another one with an impressive cast list including Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, William Hurt, Dennis Quaid and Sigourney Weaver. An attempt on the life of the President (Hurt) is related from several perspectives, and complicated by the fact that the real President wasn't even at the scene. This trailer is so frantic it actually made me nauseous; it's kind of like an entire season of 24 condensed into two and a half minutes. The movie could be great, but the hard sell is just brutal here. I'll have to see more before I make up my mind.

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