I'm still pumped from the first pic of Will Smith's upcoming movie, I Am Legend (out 12/14). Now I'm supposed to already get ready for his next next blockbuster, John Hancock? Of course. This is the way the web works. This is why we now have some photos to show you from the set of a movie that doesn't come out for another year (Smith is returning to his usual Independence Day release date, July 2, 2008). The pics, courtesy of Just Jared, show Smith looking like a bum, holding a bottle of whiskey and hoisted up in a harness, presumably so his down-on-his-luck-superhero character can appear to fly or jump. I'll tell you something: I already thought the movie's plot was more suited for early '90s-era Damon Wayans, and now these images reinforce my opinion.

Really, though, I love Smith and I'm sure I'm going to love this movie, even if I am sick of superhero premises (wasn't My Super Ex-Girlfriend overkill for these non-comic-book-adaptation super flicks?). The plot involves a superhero who falls out of favor with the public because he does more damage than good (just like John McClane?). And so he hits the bottle. Then a PR guy (Jason Bateman) comes to the rescue and offers him some free image consultation as payback for having once been saved by the hero. But superdude screws up his image further by hooking up with the PR guy's wife (Charlize Theron). Oops. Who wants to bet me that PR guy ends up being some kind of supervillain? Nah, that would be too easy. Stay tuned for more photos and other goodies from John Hancock, and don't be surprised if we get something on Smith's next next next (possibly Time Share), before this one hits theaters next summer.

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