• Max Duoy (1914-2007) - Production designer for Renoir's The Rules of the Game who went on to a thirty year career working on the films of Claude Autant-Lara. He also worked as a set decorator or art director on films by De Sica, Ophüls, Dassin, Costa-Gavras, Hunebelle, Annaud, Pollack, Clouzot and was art director on the 007 pic Moonraker. He also co-directed (with Sylvain Dhomme) one of the segments of The Seven Deadly Sins and he appears as himself in Jacques Richard's documentary about Henri Langlois. He died July 2 in France. (IMDb)
  • Git Gay (1921-2007) - Swedish actress who appears uncredited as a fashion store employee in Bergman's Dreams. She died July 2 in Mitmö, Sweden. (IMDb)
  • Jörg Kalt (1967-2007) - German filmmaker who wrote and directed Crash Test Dummies and directed Richtung Zukunft durch die Nacht. He also co-wrote Antonin Svoboda's Immer nie am Meer. He took his own life sometime over the weekend of July 1, in Austria. (International Herald Tribune)
  • Kerwin Mathews (1926-2007) - Actor (pictured, with Kathryn Grant) who starred as Sinbad in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. He was also the title characters in The 3 Worlds of Gulliver and Jack the Giant Killer and he co-starred in The Devil at 4 O'Clock. His last appearance was in 1978's Nightmare in Blood. He died July 5 in San Francisco. (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • George Melly (1926-2007) - Jazz singer and writer who appears in Sweet Movie and who voiced a character in The Princess and the Cobbler (aka The Thief and the Cobbler). He also wrote Smashing Time and Take a Girl Like You in addition to writing film and television criticism and a satirical comic strip. He died of lung cancer July 5. (Variety)
  • Carl Lloyd Patrick (c.1919-2007) - Co-founder of Carmike Cinemas. He also apparently formed a production company in the 1970s that produced the original Walking Tall and The Great Santini. He died July 4. (Ledger-Enquirer)
  • Will Schaefer (1928-2007) - Composer of the scores to The Shaggy Dog (1959), The AristoCats, Old Yeller and Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks With a Circus. He died of cancer June 30, in Cathedral City, California. (Chippewa.com)
  • Hy Zaret (1907-2007) - Lyricist who earned an Oscar nomination for penning "Unchained Melody". The song appeared first in the movie Unchained, though it is certainly more famous for being in Ghost. He died July 2. (Variety)
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