You know that feeling you get when you could swear you've experienced something before? The cluster of trailers I'm looking at this week had a striking sense of familiarity about them. It's Deja Vu week on Trailer Park.

December Boys

Wait I've seen that kid before, haven't I? Yeah, he's in that movie about the school for wizards that's making money faster than the U.S. mint can print it. Indeed that's Daniel Radcliffe, and the fact that I've never seen him in anything other than the Harry Potter films is enough to make me want to see this. Kim Voynar first posted about Radcliffe taking on this film back in November of 2005. I had hoped to see him doing something completely different, but he's playing yet another orphan here, one of four who are taking a seaside holiday in late 1960s Australia. When a rumor starts circulating that one of the nearby residents is interested in adopting one of them, tension builds between the four friends. This looks to have quite a bit of promise and I wouldn't be surprised if this was indeed a breakout role for Radcliffe.

Bee Movie
Jerry Seinfeld as a bee? I've seen this trailer before haven't I? No, guess not. They were pushing this movie even before they had any animation footage to show off, so my sense of familiarity springs from this being the fourth trailer for Bee Movie. This one gives more plot details than previous ones, with Seinfeld's character Barry B. Benson being outraged to learn that humans are eating the honey that he and his fellow bees have toiled so long to make. Following the only course of action available to him, he decides to sue. Originally, I wasn't crazy about the character design on Barry, but its starting to grow on me, and it's both weird and cool how you can see Seinfeld's facial expressions through the CGI. We hear more from Renee Zellweger's character, and Patrick Warburton proves once again that he's one of the busiest (and funniest) voice actors in modern animation. Here's Erik's take on the new trailer. Have a look for yourself:

a href="">Sleuth
Hey, they've made this film before haven't they? Not quite. This Kenneth Branagh film is a remake of a 1972 picture of the same name which starred Sir Lawrence Olivier and Michael Caine. In an inspired bit of casting, Caine is taking on the Olivier role for the remake, with Jude Law playing the part Caine had in the original. In this version Caine plays a rich man who invites his wife's boyfriend to his home to offer him a chance to win a divorce for the woman he loves. A faked burglary, presumably for the purposes of insurance fraud, is the price Law's character is asked to pay, but nothing is as it seems. Looks like a nice bit of suspense with two truly great actors. Here's Monika's take on the trailer.

Get Smart
A bumbling secret agent who talks to his shoe? This was an old TV show, wasn't it? Yup, and a damn good one too. I can see Steve Carrell bringing the arrogance and misplaced self-confidence the part of Maxwell Smart requires. The casting of Terence Stamp as Kaos agent Siegfried and Borat's Ken Davitian as Siegfried's sidekick Shtarker has me pretty jazzed as well. Anne Hathaway seems a bit young to be playing Agent 99, Smart's love interest from the series, but perhaps they're going in a different direction with it. The teaser recycles a few gags from the TV show like the phone booth and a bit where Smart parts a beaded curtain only to have the beads fall all over the floor. Can't wait for this one. Here's what Erik thought.

Fred Claus
I saw this trailer awhile ago, didn't I? Nope, I'm thinking of the teaser they were showing for this back around Christmas time. At last we've got got a full length trailer for the tale of Santa's (Paul Giamati) ne'er-do-well brother Fred (Vince Vaughn). Santa brings his brother into the business, starting out with stamping "naughty" or "nice" on letters from children, but of course he very nearly brings about the end of Christmas. Erik had this to say on the trailer. As for me, ninja elves? That's comedy gold.

And check out this week's new trailers over on AOL Moviefone:

  • Into The Wild - based on a true story and the bestselling book by Jon Krakauer, a young man forsakes his worldly goods and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness.
  • Skinwalkers - Rival werewolf clans fight for a boy who can alter the destiny of their species.
  • Naming Number Two - A matriarch organizes a feast with her family, in which she will name her successor.
  • Eastern Promises - Naomi Watts playing a midwife who runs afoul of Russian gangster Viggo Mortensen. Check it out right here:
  • The 11th Hour - A look at the condition of the global ecosystem and what can be done to restore it.
  • Hitman - The exploits of an international assassin in a film based on a popular video game.