Ah, election years. Everybody's talking about politics instead of Paris Hilton for a change. The Daily Show gets really good. And everyone wants to know who's supporting who. As far as Hollywood is concerned, we have some answers. CNN Political Research Director Robert Yoon has looked at the July presidential fund raising disclosures and pulled out the celebrities to see where they stand. You can read the full list over at Deadline Hollywood Daily, but let's take a look at some of the highlights, shall we?

Tom Hanks, Danny DeVito, and Tobey Maguire are some of the big names who contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Will Smith and Jamie Foxx are all about Barack Obama. Oliver Stone digs John Edwards, (but secretly suspects him of starting the Vietnam War). Bill Richardson must contribute to the Director's Guild, he's got Steven Spielberg, William Friedkin, and James L. Brooks on board, in addition to Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer (no word on how The Ghost and The Darkness voted). Rudy Giuliani got some highly coveted Mafia support from The Sopranos' Tony Sirico. John Lithgow surely made an over-the-top theatrical gesture of placing his check in the mail for Chris Dodd. Dennis Kucinich has the lowest profile group of supporters, with Hector Elizondo probably the biggest star of the bunch. Note: This is the first time Hector Elizondo has been the biggest star in anything, including delicatessens.

p>Looking a little closer, there's all sorts of interesting stuff going on in this report. Democrat Mike Gravel has only one celeb supporter listed -- Mark Ruffalo. Paul Newman contributed $4,600 apiece to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and half that amount to Bill Richardson. I don't want to gossip, but that Paul Newman might have a little cash in his bank account! Ben Stiller spent the most money on a candidate, sending a whopping $6,900 (roughly the pickle budget on the set of Night at the Museum) to Hilary Clinton. And in conclusion, I'd like to offer up a piece of information that will surely sway the way you vote next November. A juicy tidbit that will rock your political beliefs to their very core. Everything you know about Democrats and Republicans is about to be shaken up and presented to you in a bold new way. Are you sitting down? Here goes: Pauly Shore is voting for Hillary. See you at the polls, Mr. Shore!

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