One thing that Comic-Con isn't complete without is Kevin Smith's signature "talk." You give the guy an hour or so, and he'll fill it up everything from movie news, to anecdotes about life that usually involve oral sex, to his own level of geekery.

Kevin was gracious enough to not only sit down with me for an hour after his panel was over, but he also let me know that he was really digging our Comic-Con coverage. According to him, he was only five minutes away from the convention center, but our liveblogging let him stay seated in an air-conditioned, geek-free, no costume zone. Not that he doesn't love that stuff, but when given the choice, sometimes your own room can be pretty darned comfortable. a href="">

We ramble on about comic books, his movies, his blog, and what his life is like. Some tidbits include:
  • Will Rosario Dawson be in Zack and Miri Make a Porno?
  • What comic book character would he love to write?
  • Would he still be going to Cons if he wasn't 'Kevin Smith'?
  • How has life changed now that he's married?
  • What's his writing routine and schedule like?
  • Why he's heading to Ireland soon
  • Some info about Red State, the horror film he's working on.
  • How he sometimes wishes he'd married a fan of his work.
  • How he hopes to put the kibosh on hearing people shout out "37?!" during his upcoming 37th birthday.
  • All this, and much, much more.
Click here for the interview, or click on Kevin's smiling mug. Big thanks to Kevin for being so accomodating, and we hope you enjoy listening to it. For the record, he did mention to me, more than once, that he'd be at the Heroes panel announcing something. He obviously wanted to keep it quiet, and if you didn't hear the big news, he's directing an episode (maybe the first) of the Heroes spinoff, Heroes: Origins. His geek-o-meter is pinging off the charts.

As a slice of life disclaimer, we recorded this outside of Kevin's hotel, where the hustle and bustle of downtown San Diego creeps into the audio ... including an incessant car alarm, and what looked like the Tour de France. Hopefully you won't mind too much, and will donate to the Cinematical Needs Some Top Notch Audio Equipment Fund.