Click for larger version. That's a faux Kevin Bacon / Kelly Preston family photo!

Okay, seriously ... that title isn't a joke. Fox Atomic invited us to have "Bacon with Kevin Bacon" at Comic-Con for a movie he's in called Death Sentence. Granted, putting those together in the same sentence makes it appear worse than the Bataan Death March, but it was actually a lot more pleasant. Although a more apt title would have been "Bacon Without Kevin Bacon," because he wasn't at the breakfast. We did manage to catch up with him later, though.

We were treated to the promised bacon (along with other breakfast acoutrements) and some footage from Death Sentence. Kevin Bacon stars as Nick Hume, your average, boring, subarbanite "nerd" (as Bacon calls him) whose life changes dramatically when he witnesses his son being murdered. After that, things click into revenge mode, and before long Bacon is a badass, hunting down the gang who did him wrong. However, it's not like a switch gets flipped and he's instantly a commando. He slowly builds from hockey dad to serial killer, although by the end of the footage we saw, he has a shaved head and is a fairly expert hand with a shotgun. While there aren't any supernatural elements like The Crow, the movie is pretty much Bacon kicking ass and blowing away the bad guys who did him wrong. John Goodman stars as a sort of black market arms dealer, and we found out during the breakfast that he's also the father of the leader of the gang who killed Bacon's son. Bacon ends up buying an arsenal from him, although it's unsure if he's aware of the connection. An eye for an eye, I suppose.

Anyhow, the movie is directed by James Wan of Saw fame, and it looks in-line with the sort of "torture porn" that has almost become synonymous with horror films these days. The action sequences we were shown featured some long takes, which I'm a big fan of these days, and weren't cut up into an ADD-inspired slashfest. Check out the pictures in the gallery, and watch the video below. Fans of revenge thrillers, this is your movie.

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