Once again, Hollywood's pattern reveals itself with each new trailer leading to another like a big ol' connect-the-dots picture ... and yes, the new trailer for The Mist is included after the jump.

Horton Hears a Who
My first thought was that this must be another concert/documentary flick like the Stones' film Shine a Light, but I guess if that were the case this would be Horton Hears THE Who. The beloved creation of Theodore Geisel, better known to the world at large as Dr. Seuss, gets a big CGI feature adaptation with Jim Carrey voicing Horton, an elephant who discovers a tiny civilization living in a dust speck, and Steve Carell as the Mayor of Who-ville. The story was previously adapted by master animator Chuck Jones for a 1970 TV special, and Seuss's Horton Hatches the Egg was adapted in 1942 and then again in 1992. This new version looks like a lot of fun, and even if you find that a little of Jim Carrey's manic behavior goes a long way, he's perfect for an animated character. Here's Erik's take on the trailer.

Speaking of digital animation ...
Veggie Tales - The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
Being far older than the target demographic, judging the merits of kids' movies is tricky for me. I've watched a few episodes of the Veggie Tales TV shows with my nephews and since we were all laughing there must be something to recommend. The series uses humor to convey moral themes using animated anthropomorphic vegetable characters. The trailer starts off with a Pirates of the Caribbean flavor before we see turnips saying "Arrrrr!" It's pretty cute and obviously for younger kids. If your little buccaneers like the series or the previous film Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie, then this should work for them. Speaking of strange creatures ...
The Mist
Oh, I've been waiting to see this one. We've posted plenty about this flick at Cinematical, and we've finally got us a trailer. Based on one of my favorite Stephen King works, The Mist is about a group of people trapped in a small grocery store when an unnatural fog engulfs the town (and quite possibly the world). More importantly, creatures are living in the mist, and we get a glimpse at some of them in the trailer. In addition to the monsters outside, there's plenty of indoor drama too as the frightened populace become whipped into a frenzy by a religious zealot (a Stephen King staple). For some reason King's non-horror stories tend to survive adaptation better than the scary stuff, but this looks pretty cool and I'll be checking it out when it releases on November 21. Check out Scott's take on the trailer here.

And speaking of scary ...
Monika first posted about this one here. A woman is stalked in a parking garage after working late on Christmas Eve. The only time you actually see anyone in this trailer happens when a pair of hands push open a car trunk from the inside while a woman shrieks on the soundtrack. Short, but not particularly sweet. The trailer doesn't give me enough to grab my attention and frankly the premise seems limited. I'll wait until a full trailer comes out before deciding one way or another.

Speaking of fearing you're not alone, here's a film about fearing you are ...
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
An overweight down-on-his luck actor is pushing forty and looking for love. He may have found it in a slightly cracked ice-cream store worker played by the often hilarious Sarah Silverman. Looks like it could be a fun romantic comedy, but Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin, who also wrote and directed, doesn't seem quite right for the lead. Bonnie Hunt and Amy Sedaris both show up, giving me a bit more hope, so I might catch this when it hits video. Check out the trailer right here:

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