Let's see now, we've got a Spock, a Uhura and a Chekov. We still need a Kirk, a Scott, a McCoy ("Bones") and a Sulu. I feel like I'm collecting trading cards, but really I'm just anxiously awaiting more Star Treknews. The new sorta-prequel (aka Star Trek XI) is set to begin filming soon, so it's about time J.J. Abrams finds the rest of his cast. Or, if he's already found his stars, it's about time Paramount announced them. At least the rumors and unconfirmed choices continue to float around the net. In fact, this morning we have two fairly reliable sources reporting new names to place in the Kirk and Scott slots.

The investigative team over at IESB got word that Mike Vogel(Poseidon) is the front-runner to fill William Shatner's shoes in the role of James T. Kirk. The site attempted to confirm the rumor with both Paramount and Vogel's agents, but obviously neither would comment. But IESB did get a hint of nervousness from the latter, Gersh Agency, which was curious about where this news had come from. The way IESB's Robert Sanchez relays the encounter, it does sound like a slight, accidental confirmation. But we'll see. Vogel (who makes me think of Superbad's Fogel) is also co-starring in the Abrams-produced monster movie coming in January -- you know,Cloverfield,1-18-08 or whatever it will be titled -- so at least we know the actor has an in with the director.

As for Montgomery Scott (aka Scotty), the Enterprise's engineer, there's definite confirmation from The Trek Movie Report (TrekMovie.com) that Paul McGillion has at least auditioned for the role. The Canadian actor is best known as the Scottish character Carson Beckett on Stargate: Atlantis, from which he'll be able to bring a lot of fans to Star Trek, if he gets the gig. Apparently he was so popular on S:A that when he was written out of the show, a petition from his fans got him at least recurring guest appearances on the new season. One person who has already offered support for McGillion as Scotty is Chris Doohan. He really wanted the part originated by his father, but does agree McGillion looks the part, and is especially more fitting than James McAvoy.

I have reservations about Vogel, who doesn't have the look, in my opinion, but despite never seeing Stargate: Atlantis, I like what I've read about McGillion's chances. Now all we still need is Bones and Sulu. Stay tuned, and we'll let you know about further news and any confirmations as they come. Star Trek is set to arrive in theaters Christmas 2008.
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