The trailers I looked at this week seemed to be forming a pattern, so we're going to follow the bouncing ball as it moves from one preview to another, starting with...

Midnight Meat Train
This one is based on a particularly grisly story from Clive Barker's pretty grisly to begin with Books of Blood series. Scott Weinberg first discussed this one here on Cinematical back in May of 2006. I'm always leery of films based on a short story, especially one I enjoyed. Expanding the tale to feature length requires so much padding the original material can easily get lost. The trailer does a nice job of presenting the premise with a lovely sense of dread. A photographer trying to capture the essence of the city on film witnesses an unspeakably brutal act in a subway car. Someone or something is literally butchering people and harvesting the meat. I did say grisly, right? And speaking of trains...

Rails and Ties
A suicidal woman parks her car on the train tracks and waits for the inevitable. Kevin Bacon plays the conductor who is unable to stop the train in time. The woman's son witnesses the tragedy, and eventually forms a bond with the conductor and his wife (Marcia Gay Harden), apparently being accepted as part of the family. A fairly intense looking human drama that represents a nice change from all the explosions, super heroes and such from the summer movie season. Bacon is one of the greats and it looks like he carries this one well. This film also marks the feature directorial debut of Clint Eastwood's daughter Alison Eastwood. You can read Kim Voynar's review of the film here. And speaking of unusual family dynamics...

a href="">Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
I got through the first moments of this trailer thinking it was either a comedy or a light hearted drama, but things take a very dark turn indeed. Ethan Hawke and Phillip Seymour Hoffman play brothers who are in dire financial straits. To get the cash flowing again, they enlist the aid of a small time crook and rob the jewelry store owned by their parents, but things go terribly wrong. Marisa Tomei and Albert Finney round out a pretty awesome cast, and the story looks darkly fascinating. You can read Erik Davis's review of the film here, and here's the trailer itself:

And speaking of tragedies...

The Heartbreak Kid
Ben Stiller stars as a man who meets the girl of his dreams, but only after he's married to a nightmare of a woman.
I keep seeing the TV spots for this, so it's been on my mind lately. In an obvious attempt to recapture the success of There's Something About Mary (a film that I liked quite a bit) Stiller is re-teaming with the Farrelly brothers. No big suprise there, since Stiller rarely strays far from the character he played in Mary. Leading lady Malin Akerman even looks a bit like Cameron Diaz in a few shots. This I don't need. And speaking of doomed relationships...

Wristcutters: A Love Story:
A dark comedy in which a despondent young man played by Almost Famous's Patrick Fugit takes his own life and finds himself in a purgatory populated by suicide victims. It's more or less like our world only slightly worse and no one is physically capable of smiling. Fugit's character soon learns that the ex-girlfriend he offed himself over also committed suicide and he sets off to find her in what appears to be a road movie set in the afterlife. Darkly funny, and strangely uplifting; I'm looking forward to this one. Click here to read Karina Longworth's review of the film, and you check out the trailer right here:

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