The best of Young Hollywood, from Keira to Shia to AnnaSophia.

Many of today's young stars are primed to be even bigger tomorrow -- but who among them has staying power?

We looked at moviedom's most promising, sought the opinions of a diverse panel of industry insiders and came up with these extraordinary young finalists.

Take a look at Moviefone's first annual 25 Under 25. Don't hate them because they're young, beautiful and insanely talented.

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25 Under 25: Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars

The talent pool in Young Hollywood is deeper than ever it seems. Many of today's stars are primed to be even bigger tomorrow -- but who among them has staying power? We looked at the past work and upcoming projects of moviedom's most promising, sought the opinions of a diverse panel of industry insiders and came up with these extraordinary young finalists. Presenting Moviefone's first annual 25 Under 25 ...

Keira Knightley

Age: 22
What She's Done: First drew notice in 'Bend It Like Beckham'; made swordplay sexy in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'; got an Oscar nod for her saucy turn in 'Pride & Prejudice'
What's Next: Four straight period dramas, including the devastating WWII-set 'Atonement' (Dec. 25), for which she'll likely get Oscar nomination No. 2, and 2008's 'The Duchess'
Worth Knowing: She made her film debut as Natalie Portman's handmaiden in 'Star Wars: Episode I' (1999).
Industry Buzz: "Her range and sassy star quality, tomboy sexiness and outspoken, deliciously foul mouth all mark Knightley as the potential Katharine Hepburn of the 21st Century." -- Bob Strauss, Film Critic, Los Angeles Daily News

Daniel Radcliffe

Age: 18
What He's Done: Brought the world's most famous wizard in the world to life for fans in the 'Harry Potter' movies; currently stars in indie 'December Boys'
What's Next: More 'Harry Potter,' and a possible Broadway turn for his daring 'Equus' role, which drew crowds and raves in London.
Worth Knowing: 'Harry Potter' wasn't actually Radcliffe's first movie role -- he played the son of Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis in 'The Tailor of Panama.'
Industry Buzz: "He is aging brilliantly and he'll get better as he gets older. I can just imagine him in his 30s, 40s, 50s -- smooth, dashing and very sexy. He's definitely here to stay." -- Nadine Jolson, Executive Director, Jolson Creative Image PR

Megan Fox

Age: 21
What She's Done: Before tickling Shia LaBeouf's fancy in 'Transformers,' Fox made a mark in 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen' and TV's 'Hope & Faith'
What's Next: Will play -- get this -- a celebrity who is romanced by a gossip rag writer in 2008's 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People'
Worth Knowing: This Tennessee native began acting and modeling at age 13.
Industry Buzz: "She oozes sexuality, like Angelina Jolie, but has an innocence that makes you want to see her succeed. She could be the next big female action star." -- Siri Garber, President, Platform PR

Michael Cera

Age: 19
What He's Done: Played a teen with amorous feelings for his cousin on TV's 'Arrested Development'; popped his box-office cherry as a teen horn dog in the summer hit 'Superbad'
What's Next: He's a track star who impregnates Ellen Page in the buzzed-about comedy 'Juno,' then (again) plays a teen out to lose his virginity for 'Youth in Revolt'
Worth Knowing: The native Canadian got his start doing voice work on 'The Berenstain Bears' and playing a young Chuck Barris in 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.'
Industry Buzz: "He's the most original voice in comedy since Will Ferrell appeared on 'SNL.' His sweetness belongs to him and him alone. No one can touch him." -- Jason Reitman, Director, 'Juno'

Evan Rachel Wood

Age: 20
What She's Done: After wowing TV critics on 'Once and Again,' Wood wowed movie critics with 'Thirteen,''The Missing,''The Upside of Anger,' and so on; currently stars in 'Across the Universe' and 'King of California'
What's Next: The buzzed-about indie 'In Bloom,' plus a possible collaboration with boyfriend Marilyn Manson in 'Phantasmagoria'
Worth Knowing: Wood was just seven when she made her acting debut -- the same year she lost out to Kirsten Dunst for 'Interview With the Vampire.'
Industry Buzz: "She's just a consummate actress. She has a combination of great integrity of emotions and a great gift of credibility and honesty. She has a purity of soul and intention." -- Michael Douglas, Actor, 'King of California'

Shia LaBeouf

Age: 21
What He's Done: Headlined a surprise hit ('Disturbia') and a mega-hit ('Transformers') this year, and gained critical kudos for his gritty turn in 'Guide to Recognizing Your Saints'
What's Next: Currently filming 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' (he's rumored to play Indy's son), then tackling terrorism in the thriller 'Eagle Eye'
Worth Knowing: As a kid, he dressed up as a clown and sold hot dogs to help his parents make ends meet.
Industry Buzz: "He has incredible range. An actor who can go from a show like 'Even Stevens' to a really intense role like 'Disturbia' proves he has the chops to play all types of roles. I believe he will become the next Tom Hanks." -- Siri Garber, Platform PR

Emily Blunt

Age: 24
What She's Done: After breaking through with indie darling 'My Summer of Love,' she went on to steal scenes from Meryl Streep in 'The Devil Wears Prada'; currently seen in 'The Jane Austen Book Club'
What's Next: Boogies with Steve Carell in 'Dan In Real Life'; co-stars in two upcoming Tom Hanks films, 'Charlie Wilson's War' and 'The Great Buck Howard'
Worth Knowing: She made her stage debut opposite Dame Judi Dench in 'The Royal Family' in London.
Industry Buzz: "She could be huge if she's cast right. She has great timing and delivery. What a gift. Look for her to grow like Emma Thompson did." -- Nadine Jolson, Jolson Creative Image PR

Kristen Stewart

Age: 17
What She's Done: She's played a lot of daughters (Jodie Foster's in 'Panic Room,' Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone's in 'Cold Creek Manor,' Tim Robbins' in 'Zathura') and held her own with the 'rents each time.
What's Next: She'll appear in the comedy 'What Just Happened,' starring Robert De Niro and Sean Penn, among others, and with Ryan Reynolds in 'Adventureland.'
Worth Knowing: Her breakout role in 'Panic Room' wasn't originally hers -- she replaced Hayden Panettiere.
Industry Buzz: "She's a fiery star on the rise. She is extremely intense and has the ability to be very natural on camera. I think in years to come, she'll be an Oscar contender." -- Siri Garber, Platform PR

Elijah Kelley

Age: 20
What He's Done: After a small role in 'Take the Lead,' Kelley won raves as Seaweed (and for his number 'Run and Tell That' in particular) in this summer's 'Hairspray.'
What's Next: The black fraternity drama 'Burning Sands'; then he'll star as Sammy Davis Jr. in a biopic about the legendary entertainer
Worth Knowing: Starred in Coca-Cola commercials and sang in a gospel group as a child in Georgia
Industry Buzz: "He was by far the biggest breakout star from 'Hairspray.' In a movie filled with talented young actors like Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron, it was Elijah who really stole the show." -- Dave Karger, Senior Writer, Entertainment Weekly

Abigail Breslin

Age: 11
What She's Done: Played Mel Gibson's daughter in 'Signs,' then won over legions as 'Little Miss Sunshine' and co-starred with Catherine Zeta-Jones in 'No Reservations'
What's Next: Will play Ryan Reynolds' daughter in 'Definitely, Maybe' before bringing 'Kit Kittredge' to life; also will star opposite Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler in 'Nim's Island'
Worth Knowing: Her older brother Spencer has appeared in more than 10 movies, including 'The Cat in the Hat' and 'Zoom.'
Industry Buzz: "She's too adorable, a great little actor. Just hope she doesn't end up playing the same role over and over." -- Nadine Jolson, Jolson Creative Image PR

Freddie Highmore

Age: 15
What He's Done: Played the real-life inspiration for 'Peter Pan' in 'Finding Neverland,' and was the boy with the golden ticket in Tim Burton's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'
What's Next: The music-themed 'August Rush,' and two big movies based on novels: 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' and 'Eddie Dickens and the Awful End'
Worth Knowing: Johnny Depp was so impressed with his young 'Neverland' co-star that he lobbied Burton to let him play Charlie.
Industry Buzz: "Freddie has a unique talent to convey complex emotions in a profoundly moving fashion. He appears to be such an old soul, so full of wisdom and confidence, yet he's still a young man, full of so much promise." -- Richard Lewis, Producer, 'August Rush'

Alice Braga

Age: 24
What She's Done: She was Rocket's object of affection in the instant classic 'City of God'; took daring role as a prostitute in 'Lower City'
What's Next: She'll appear with Will Smith in this winter's surefire blockbuster 'I Am Legend'; in 2008, she has David Mamet's 'Redbelt' and 'COG' director Fernando Meirelles' 'Blindness'
Worth Knowing: Her aunt is actress Sonia Braga.
Industry Buzz: "She has the talent of an actress twice her age, and the powerful charm of eternal youth. She'll go above the title and to the Oscars." -- Akiva Goldsman, Screenwriter, 'I Am Legend'

Emile Hirsch

Age: 22
What He's Done: The cult favorite teen comedy 'The Girl Next Door'; the polarizing drama 'Alpha Dog'; currently starring in Sean Penn's directorial effort 'Into the Wild'
What's Next: He's Speed himself in the Wachowski brothers' upcoming 'Speed Racer'
Worth Knowing: He's a master at prepping: For 'The Girl Next Door,' he got a lap dance; for 'Lords of Dogtown,' he got skateboarding lessons from Tony Alva; and for 'Into the Wild,' he dropped 40 pounds.
Industry Buzz: "Hirsch has proven that he can pull off comedic and dramatic roles. I think his career will last as long as he can pull off roles in all film genres." -- Siri Garber, Platform PR

AnnaSophia Robb

Age: 13
What She's Done: She was sweetly affecting in the family dramedy 'Because of Winn-Dixie,' and pitch-perfect as the imaginative Leslie in 'Bridge to Terabithia.'
What's Next: She's got 'Sleepwalking,' with Charlize Theron and Dennis Hopper, and the Doug Liman-directed sci-fi thriller 'Jumper'
Worth Knowing: Robb's first leading role, in the well-reviewed 'Winn Dixie,' was also her first big-screen part.
Industry Buzz: "AnnaSophia's vibrant and worldly demeanor makes her nigh-impossible to dislike in any role she tackles ... Her performances are reminiscent of a young Natalie Portman in 'The Professional' and 'Beautiful Girls.' -- Mac McLean, President, Click Communications

Mischa Barton

Age: 21
What She's Done: Before she hit it big as unstable rich girl Marissa Cooper on TV's 'The O.C.,' Barton scared the living daylights out of us a puking spirit in 'The Sixth Sense.'
What's Next: Barton has eight -- count 'em, eight -- movies planned for release over the next two years, including 'Virgin Territory' with Hayden Christensen and 'The Sophomore' with Bruce Willis
Worth Knowing: Starred in Tony Kushner's play 'Slavs!' at age 9
Industry Buzz: "I recently watched her shoot a key dramatic scene and it occurred to me that this is not the same person we see in celebrity mags or remember from 'The O.C.,' but someone whose acting abilities are rising at the same rate as her stardom." -- Jeremy Walker, Publicist, Jeremy Walker & Associates

Shareeka Epps

Age: 18
What She's Done: Stunned critics and audiences alike as an inner-city student opposite Best Actor nominee Ryan Gosling in last year's acclaimed indie 'Half Nelson'
What's Next: Appears in her first major Hollywood production, 'Alien vs. Predator 2,' and follows that with the low-budget 'Four'
Worth Knowing: First appeared in 'Gowanus, Brooklyn,' the short on which 'Half Nelson' was based
Industry Buzz: "Shareeka has great dramatic instincts and a mesmerizing presence that you just can't learn. She's the type of person that will be successful in whatever she chooses. Part of me wants her to stay away from the movie business, but I also can't wait to see what she does next." -- Ryan Fleck, Director, 'Half Nelson'

Jamie Bell

Age: 21
What He's Done: Danced his way to international acclaim as 'Billy Elliot'; played minor but memorable roles in 'King Kong' and 'Flags of Our Fathers'
What's Next: Takes the title role in David Mackenzie's 'Hallam Foe'; will then appear in Doug Liman's highly anticipated 'Jumper' and Edward Zwick's latest war drama, 'Defiance'
Worth Knowing: His grandmother, mother, aunt and sister are all dancers.
Industry Buzz: "His transformation from cute child star to formidable young man has been fascinating to watch. His performance in 'Undertow' reminded me of seeing Colin Farrell for the first time in 'Tigerland.' -- Dave Karger, Entertainment Weekly

Dakota Blue Richards

Age: 13
What She's Done: Beat out 10,000 girls for the role of Lyra Belacqua in 'The Golden Compass'
What's Next: If 'Compass' is the hit it's anticipated to be, she'll likely reprise her role in two more 'His Dark Materials' adaptations; also starring in the family adventure 'The Moon Princess' with Colin Firth
Worth Knowing: Though Richards is from Brighton, England, her mother is an American anthropologist.
Industry Buzz: "If anyone is sold on seeing 'The Golden Compass' from simply seeing the trailer, it is most likely because of the solemn soulfulness of this lovely British lass." -- Susan Wloszczyna, Film Writer, USA Today

Jonah Hill

Age: 23
What He's Done: Made his first splash in comedy with 'Accepted,' then became a full-blown star in 'Knocked Up' and 'Superbad'
What's Next: In 2008, he lends a voice to the animated comedy ensemble 'Horton Hears a Who!' and stars in another Judd Apatow project, 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.'
Worth Knowing: Hill is pals with Dustin Hoffman's children, which led to his first movie role ('I Heart Huckabees').
Industry Buzz: "Jonah Hill is a triple threat. He is a writer, actor and dancer. Available for movies and bar mitzvahs." -- Shauna Robertson, Producer, 'Knocked Up,' 'Superbad' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

Elle Fanning

Age: 9
What She's Done: Made her debut playing a younger version of her sister Dakota in 'I Am Sam,' then made a name for herself in 2006 with 'Deja Vu' and 'Babel'
What's Next: Appears in this month's 'Reservation Road,' then has six movies in the works, including 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' with Brad Pitt and starring roles in 'Nutcracker: The Untold Story' and 'Phoebe in Wonderland'
Worth Knowing: Like Dakota, goes by her middle name (she was born Mary Elle)
Industry Buzz: "Judging by the number of projects that are stacked up, her star is on the rise." -- Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today

Ellen Page

Age: 20
What She's Done: Best known for playing Kitty Pride in 'X-Men: The Last Stand,' she also earned raves for 'Hard Candy' as a teen out to expose a pedophile
What's Next: Already getting Oscar buzz for her turn as a pregnant teen in 'Juno'; will appear in the '08 lesbian werewolf movie (no, really) 'Jack and Diane'
Worth Knowing: The Nova Scotia native got her first acting gig at the age of 10 in the Canadian made-for-TV movie 'Pit Pony.'
Industry Buzz: "She's incapable of having a dishonest moment. She acts with every inch of her body, right down to her fingernails ... Watching Ellen in 'Hard Candy' is like watching Jodie Foster in 'Taxi Driver.'" -- Jason Reitman, Director, 'Juno'

Zac Efron

Age: 19
What He's Done: After starring in Disney's massive 'High School Musical' series, Efron took his song and dance to the big screen in 'Hairspray'
What's Next: Will reportedly star in a remake of 'Footloose,' and is in negotiations for a third 'HSM'; will headline a 'Big'-style comedy '17'
Worth Knowing: Efron starred in the 'Say OK' music video for his 'HSM' co-star (and now girlfriend) Vanessa Hudgens. He played the love interest, natch.
Industry Buzz: "'17' will move him away from the same old song and dance, and if he really does do the 'Footloose' remake, Efron will have to summon more subtlety in his acting." -- Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today

Melonie Diaz

Age: 23
What She's Done: Increasingly bigger roles, from indie sleeper 'Raising Victor Vargas' to 'Lords of Dogtown' to 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints'
What's Next: Stars in this month's 'Feel the Noise,' then plays a key role opposite Jack Black and Mos Def in Michel Gondry's latest, 'Be Kind Rewind'
Worth Knowing: Diaz played a younger version of Rosario Dawson in 'Guide.' Both hail from the Lower East Side of New York City
Industry Buzz: "She is of course beautiful but also comes across as deeply empathic -- someone to whom you can easily tell all your secrets." -- Jeremy Walker, Jeremy Walker & Associates

Josh Hutcherson

Age: 14
What He's Done: He was heartbreaking as a boy who creates an imaginary world in 'Bridge to Terabithia,' and displayed a winning mix of swagger and vulnerability in the sci-fi fantasy 'Zathura.'
What's Next: The ensemble drama 'Winged Creatures' and the Brendan Fraser-starring sci-fi adventure 'Journey 3-D'
Worth Knowing: Hutcherson's already been nominated for five Young Artist Awards, winning two.
Industry Buzz: "Josh has worked himself successfully into strong and diverse lead roles. He brings a relatable Everyboy mentality to each of his performances, from the heartwarming 'Little Manhattan' or otherworldly 'Zathura,' to the dramatic 'Bridge to Terabithia.'" -- Mac McLean, Click Communications

Scarlett Johansson

Age: 22
What She's Done: Since shooting to stardom in 'The Horse Whisperer,' Johannson has gone on to snag four Golden Globe nominations, including nods for 'Lost in Translation' and 'Match Point'
What's Next: She has six films in the works, including the comic book-based 'The Spirit,' 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and Woody Allen's 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona'
Worth Knowing: She made her film debut in 1994's 'North' and appeared in the ill-advised 1997 three-quel 'Home Alone 3.'
Industry Buzz: "What this girl needs is to somehow make the young men of America appreciate her the way us middle-aged film critics do. Thinking of how the boys don't show up in droves for anything she's in makes me worry about the future of society." -- Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News

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