Sure, exploring bold new frontiers of cinema is important , but there's a lot to be said for seeking solace in a known quantity. That's why after a long day I'll throw Clerks into the DVD player for the umpteenth time, or maybe give Superman another spin. Sometimes you just want to deal with something you know, know what I'm saying? This week's quintet of trailerly goodness takes a peek at films with a comforting sense of familiarity.

Saw IV
Hey, it's another Saw sequel! Personally, I do not get a warm sense of recognition from this, but obviously some people do since there's been a new entry in the franchise every Halloween since it all started back in 2004. There's a new trailer (in glorious HD!) that shows off a little more footage than the domestic theatrical teaser I mentioned a few weeks ago. The villainous Jigsaw does the voice over, despite looking pretty dead when he's seen onscreen. There's also a cluster of quick cuts that will leave your head spinning. This one's not for me, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it.

Hey, it's that guy from Elf, Talledega Nights and Blades of Glory, and -- holy crap -- he's naked. Will Ferrell bares nearly all in this teaser for his new movie about pro basketball in the 1970s. It's hard to form an opinion based on less than a minute of footage that doesn't look like it will even be in the final film, but it looks like Ferrell is doing what he's become known for, and that usually makes me laugh.

a href="">Sweeney Todd
Hey, it's that guy from those pirate movies who reminds me of Keith Richards! Upping the level of comfortable familiarity is the fact that Tim Burton and his delightful sense of the bizarre are in the director's chair. Johnny Depp stars in this adaptation of the grisly Broadway musical about a barber who slits the throats of those who have done him wrong and gives the remains to a neighbor lady who makes meat pies out of them. Yum. The trailer shows us some classically eerie Burton imagery, and the musical numbers seemed to blend in well without pulling the viewer out of the narrative, which was my big concern.

Hey, it's that robot from Short Circuit! Hold on, he's shrunk, and where's the guy with the bad Indian accent? Yes, the star of the latest computer animated film from Pixar does bare a superficial resemblance to Number 5. A good chunk of this trailer consists of the film's director Andrew Stanton discussing how the concept for this and several other Pixar flicks came together around the time of Toy Story's completion. Basically, a 700 year old robot who appears to function as a trash compactor is on the verge of discovering his true destiny. Pixar itself is a known and familiar quantity, and I'm sure they've got another hit here.

27 Dresses
Hey, it's that chick from Knocked Up and Grey's Anatomy (which I've never watched, but everyone at the office raves about it)! I'm sure the pitch line for this one was "always a bridesmaid but never a bride." Katherine Heigl stars as a woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times and is damn good and ready to get married herself. Merry mix-ups ensue as the guy she's crazy about ends up engaged to her sister. It's obvious just from watching the trailer that she will end up with the cocky but lovable new acquaintance played by James Marsden. The style of the trailer is kind of grating, and they lose further points for using two of the most overused trailer voice over phrases: "the only problem is" and "she's about to find out." Still, the movie looks like it could be fun.

  • Lake of Fire - The director of American History X brings us this documentary on the abortion debate.
  • Midnight Meat Train - Based on a short story by Clive Barker, a man witnesses people being literally butchered aboard a subway train.
  • How to Cook Your Life - A documentary that examines how Zen Buddhism and the art of cooking interact.
  • Protagonist- A documentary that looks at the similarities and differences of four very different men.
  • Bella - The tale of how one day in New York City irrevocably changed the lives of three people.
  • The Bucket List' - Two terminal cancer patients make a list of everything they want to do before they die. Here's the trailer:

  • Things We Lost In The Fire' - A woman who has recently lost her husband seeks solace with one of her late husband's friends.
  • The Strangers - A young couple are targeted in their home by three masked assailants.
  • King Corn - Two men raise a crop and are surprised to see where it goes once it enters the commercial food system.
  • Terror's Advocate - A documentary about Jacques Vergès, a lawyer who became known for representing several highly controversial clients.
  • Control' - Biopic about the late frontman of Joy Division, Ian Curtis.
  • Funny Games - Two psychotic men torment a family of three.
  • Weirdsville - Two men go to great lengths and experience some weird stuff as they try to pay off a drug dealer.
  • Beowulf - Trailer No. 2 - Motion capture adaptation of the epic poem. Here's the trailer:

  • Music Within - Based on a true story, Ron Livingston plays Richard Pimentel, a man who lost his hearing in Vietnam and went on to become pivotal in the passing of Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Redacted - Brian De Palma directed this "A fictional version of the truth" about the war in Iraq.