What do films like Serpico, Forrest Gump and Batman have in common? Like the trailers we're looking at this week, they place the main character's name right in the title, letting you know immediately who the film is about. What's in a name? Let me show you...

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
Martin Lawrence stars as a successful talk show host who brings his fiance to meet the family from whom he has spent years trying to distance himself. There won't be any surprises here for members of Lawrence's fan base. The trailer consists of the type of broad slapstick humor he is known for, with one of the big jokes being that he's forced to wear a ridiculous looking pair of pants. Suffice it to say, it doesn't work for me. I asked myself what the heck Michael Clarke Duncan was doing in this mess, then I realized James Earl Jones was in it too, and suddenly the world just didn't make sense anymore.

Mama's Boy
OK, "Mama's Boy" isn't exactly the character's name, but this new comedy that stars John Heder looks like it could be fun, and it seems like a return to Napolean Dynamite country. Heder plays a twenty-nine year old geek who is perfectly happy to still be living with his mother, who is played by Diane Keaton, but mom has a new boyfriend and the titular Mama's Boy is cramping her style. Anna Faris also stars as the object of Heder's characters affections. The scene in which Keaton gushes to the point of embarrassment because her son has finally brought a woman home was particularly memorable. Looking forward to this one.

strong>Charlie Wilson's War
Based on true events, the film stars Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson, a congressman from Texas who in the late 1970s helped funnel weapons and funding to rebel fighters in Afghanistan who were fighting against Soviet invaders. While not every film Hanks does is pure magic, he's had enough successes to make me sit up and take notice when he's got a new movie. While being billed as a drama, there appears to be a fair amount of humor, and the character seems to fit Hanks like a glove. Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Julia Roberts also star. I'll be checking this one out.

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten

Born John Graham Mellor, Joe Strummer was one of the co-founders of punk band The Clash. This documentary looks at Strummer's life (he died in 2002) and features several high profile interviews from Bono, Johnny Depp, and Steve Buscemi. I was a huge Clash fan back in the day, and had the pleasure of seeing them in concert back in the early 1980s, so I'm looking forward to this one. Looks like it would make a perfect double feature if it ran alongside Control, the biopic about Joy Division's frontman Ian Curtis.

Michael Clayton
George Clooney knows how to pick a good script, and I suspect he's done just that here. He playes a "fixer" at one of New York's biggest law firms, taking a metaphorical bottle of bleach to the company's dirtiest laundry. A friend of his working on an important case begins losing it, winding up naked at a deposition hearing, and Clooney's character finds himself drawn into a very dangerous case. This one's got corporate espionage, murder, and Clooney in a turtleneck (he seems to like those). The film goes into wide release this weekend, and I suspect it will do well.

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