Later on tonight, we here at Cinematical will shovel out our last two Halloween-related features for you to read. When that happens, we'll officially be done with our 31 straight days of original scary movie content (with one notable exception: our very awesome Halloween Costume Contest, which will continue on through early November), and for that I am grateful. You really do not know how hard it is to round up a group of writers, come up with tons of ideas and ask them to meet specific deadlines for 31 straight days. In order to succeed, one needs the greatest team of movie writers ever assembled. Thankfully, we have that here on Cinematical. And while I intend to thank them privately for all their hard work, I'd also like to thank them publicly for entertaining our millions of readers all month long with some of the finest Halloween content I've ever seen. Feel free to check out our entire collection of tricks and treats over here, and in the meantime I'll point you toward a few of my personal favorites:

From Patrick Walsh: Non-Horror Movies that Scared the Crap Out of Me As a Kid: "You kids today don't know how lucky you have it with your wussy Shreks and your lamewad Pikachus! Children of the 1980s are still in therapy over what Hollywood deemed "family films" back then. The following non-horror mind-screws should prove my point. "

From Monika Bartyzel: The Horror of Fairy Tales: "What is creepier than kids, parents, evilness, sorceresses, wolves, and cannibalism? Before the stories were ripped from their horror roots, they were just right for scary, gory films."

From Scott Weinberg: Best Horror Movies You Haven't Seen Yet, Parts 1, 2 and 3: "If you're a regular reader (Hi Mom!) then these titles will no doubt look a little familiar -- but the flicks haven't been released yet, so that makes 'em eligible for inclusion."

From Eric D. Snider: An Obsessive-Compulsive's Guide to the Friday the 13th Movies: "A few years ago, I decided a good way to spend my time would be to watch all 10 Friday the 13th movies and keep track of the statistics: how many kills, how many heroines taking showers, how many people falling down while trying to run away, etc. I was fond of the Scream series' deconstruction of the slasher genre, and it occurred to me that the Friday the 13th films -- most of which I had not seen at that point -- were probably the source of some of the oldest, ripest clichés."

From Jeffrey M. Anderson: Hottest Chicks of Horror: "Sexy is as sexy does, I guess. Picking the hottest chicks of horror is a pretty tricky business. Not only are my picks completely subjective, slaves to my personal whims and moods, but also they are likely to change from day to day."

From Christopher Campbell: Movie-Related Candy to Hand Out to the Kids: "So, I thought about some other movie-related candy to hand out on Halloween, and I have paired them up with the recognizable movie character(s) they go with. Because what would be more fun when you have to stay home giving out candy than to dress up in a costume appropriate to the treat you're offering?"

From Matt Bradshaw: Cool Horror Films of the 80s: "Since the 1980s was a time of truly horrifying fashions and some downright scary hairdos (pass the Aquanet, please) it's no surprise that it was also a boom period for horror films. Some of the biggest horror franchises in history came into their own then, and the decade was marked by the emergence of home video, the greatest thing ever to happen to horror."

From James Rocchi: Worst Stephen King Adaptations: "He's the sultan of screams, the head honcho of horror, the duke of disgust -- whether you measure by the sheer metric tonnage of his output or the harder-to-quantify level of his influence, Stephen King bestrides modern American horror like a colossus."

From Kim Voynar: Movie Tricks and Treats for Kids: "When it comes to picking "scary movie" fare for kids, you want to walk that line between "just scary enough to be fun" versus "gives them nightmares for weeks." Of course, the appropriateness of any of these picks depends on your particular child and their tolerance for all things spooky, but here's a list of picks that I think my own brood (ages 10, 8, 6 and 4) would enjoy."

From Richard von Busack: Horror Movie Gimmicks that Always Work: "Well, the gross-out is king in current horror. It's a lever is pumped 'till the handle breaks, and no one ever tires of it. The jack in the box pop-up followed by the explosion in the strawberry jam factory ... not that I'm complaining, mind you, but a more rarefied sense of terror is what floats my boat. Using some examples from America's first horror master Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-64) I'd like to try to describe easy ways to get it ..."

From Peter Martin: Best Asian Horror Films That Haven't Been Remade: "The answer is not in the avoidance of remakes. The plain fact is that remakes of very good original films sometimes fail because they have not been remade by people as talented as those who made the first versions." -- David O. Selznick, 1956."

From Ryan Stewart: Why I Don't Care for Zombie Movies: "I realize that this problem can largely be laid at the feet of George Romero, and I'll accept that, but every time I watch a Romero movie I feel like I'm being smashed in the face with the symbolism bat. It's not that he's an unskilled filmmaker -- although some have argued as much after seeing Diary of the Dead -- it's just that he's all-too-eager to use his zombies to advance whatever cause he wants to flog at the moment."

From Jessica Barnes: The Most Evil Children of Horror: "Now I'm not saying all kids are evil, but if you take this list as an example of just how bad children can get, you will never look at those trick-or-treaters on your doorstep the same way again."

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