Wait -- don't throw up your devil horns and prepare to rock out to the rock 'n' roll of cinema. Movies Rock is going to be a 2-hour television ode to the wonderful world of film and music, but not to film's rock. While it sounds like a history of rock 'n' roll in the movies, it's more about how movies 'rock' because they have music, rather than movies that 'rock' to rock 'n' roll. The Hollywood Reporter has posted the line-up for the special, which includes Beyonce, Carrie Underword, Elton John, Fergie, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Mary J. Blige, Legend, and composer John Williams.

The solid pop lineup will tackle the classics. Beyonce is planning to belt out "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," Underwood is going to sing about "The Sound of Music," Fergie and Hudson will perform two Bond duets for "Live and Let Die" and "Goldfinger," and Blige and Legend are planning to sing "As Time Goes By." Meanwhile, Williams will lead the orchestra, and Elton will "honor the music from animated features." Ready to rock yet? Some work, but some...

The idea is nice and all, but who came up with that name? Sure, it's catchy, but catchy only works if you're luring them in for truthful reasons -- unless restraints are going to pop out of the couch and hold viewers down if they turn the special on. Now all I want is a special with the great rock songs of film. If you heard the title "Movies Rock," what songs would you line up, and who would you get to perform them?
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