While going through all the new trailers this week I came across an interesting handful that might seem to be humorous, but may in fact be something else. The week on Trailer Park we ask "But Is It Funny?"

The tale of a girl with a carnivorous vagina? That must be a work of high camp, right? Apparently not judging from both the trailer and Scott Weinberg's review in which words like "witty, intelligent and darkly insightful" were bandied about. A teenage girl named Dawn, still finding out about her body and her own sexuality, discovers that she has teeth in her nether regions. In the preview we see Dawn giving her gynecologist a nasty surprise. This looks fascinating and original and it goes into limited release in February.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Is it funny? Based on the trailer I'd say it probably is. Oscar winner Frances McDormand (who I loved in Fargo and Almost Famous) stars as a wrongfully dismissed governess who finds herself thrust into the role of social secretary to an American actress and singer. Much of the humor seems to build around McDormand's down to earth working class character acting like a fish out of water in London high society, yet managing to rise above it all. Looks like fun.

The Air I Breathe
Brendan Fraser? You mean that guy from Encino Man, Dudley Do-Right, and The Mummy flicks? Surely this will be played for yucks. Nope. Fraser does do drama -- he was even in the acclaimed Crash -- but it's not what he's best known for. After seeing him in Gods and Monsters, though, I had hoped to see him do more serious roles, and this should fit the bill nicely. Fraser, who plays a gangster who can see the future is a part of an intriguing ensemble cast that includes Forrest Whitaker, as a man on the verge of being killed for his gambling debts, Andy Garcia as a crime boss, Sarah Michelle Gellar as a popstar and Kevin Bacon as a doctor. The film consists of four overlapping stories based on a Chinese proverb about the four emotional cornerstones of life: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. I plan to see this when it goes into limited release on January 25.

An animated feature? This must be lighthearted children's fair, right? I say thee nay. I mentioned this film in a previous Trailer Park, but there's a new preview that's definitely worth checking out for (at the very least) a quote from Cinematical's own James Rocchi, taken from his review which you can read right here. Kim Voynar also reviewed it and you can read that right here. Based on Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novels, the film tells of the fall of the Shah's rule in Iran and the rise of the fundamentalist government as seen through a young girl's eyes. I love the drawing style of the 2-D animation and the use of black and white and it deals with subject matter rarely if ever seen in feature length animation. I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

And here are the latest trailers from Moviefone:

  • Choking Man - Indie drama about the immigrant experience in New York.
  • Definitely, Maybe - A young father in the midst of a divorce tells his daughter the story of how her parents met. Check out the trailer here:

  • Chicago 10 - Documentary about the events leading up to the Chicago Conspiracy Trial.
  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets - New trailer for the latest adventure of Ben Franklin Gates.
  • First Sunday - Comedy about two buddies who, in a desperate need for cash, conspire to rob their neighborhood church.
  • Billy the Kid - Documentary exploring the life of a wise and unique boy in small town Maine.