'Old School'... 'Caddyshack'... 'American Pie'... find out where they rank on our list.

We would love to include the hilariously lewd 'Juno' on our list of the top 25 most outrageous, raunchy R-rated comedies of all time.

Sadly, it's rated PG-13.

But we didn't have a hard time finding 25 other brilliant flicks that contain copious amounts of swearing, drinking, fornicating and anything else that walks a fine line between offensive and outstanding.


Top 25 Raunchiest Comedies

Most Outrageous R-Rated Movies

'Tropic Thunder' had moviegoers in stitches last summer, but it was just one of the latest in an long line of gloriously foul, bordering-on-offensive comedies that have entertained us throughout the history of film. We look back at 25 other brilliant flicks that will stop at nothing -- be it swearing, drinking, fornicating or making sweet love to a pie -- to make us laugh.


25. 'Police Academy' (1984)

Sure, this 1984 stoopid laffer spawned six unwatchable sequels too many (out of six total ... so far), but the original is still the go-to flick if you want to laugh, not think, and is still Steve Guttenberg's finest comic moment. (Sorry about that, Steve.)

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24. 'The Blues Brothers' (1980)

It was 1980. Jake and Elwood Blues were on a mission from God, and we can only presume that the Almighty commanded John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd to let loose in this raucous free-for-all. Saving the orphanage where they were raised? Good. Making audiences scream with laughter? Better.

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23. 'Superbad' (2007)

Genitalia references, bodily fluids and genius one-liners abound in this sure-to-be-classic comedy about two high-school seniors (foul-mouthed Jonah Hill and brilliantly deadpan Michael Cera) out to score booze in the time-honored hope that it'll help them get laid. We'll drink to that.

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22. 'Clerks' (1994)

Kevin Smith became a cult hero to minimum wage slaves everywhere when he turned $27,000 into a glorified student movie with a dirty mouth and one hilarious scene after the next. It is 'Clerks' that truly schooled many a teen in the birds, bees, necrophilia, hermaphroditic porn and the significance of number 37.

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21. 'Bad Santa' (2003)

Screw 'Sling Blade.'Billy Bob Thornton has never been more Oscar-worthy (or more hilarious, lewd and disgusting) than he is as a depraved, alcoholic mall Kris Kringle planning a Christmas Eve heist. He urinates himself, curses at little girls and has sex with large women -- and every moment of it is pure magic.

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20. 'Slap Shot' (1977)

Remember when Paul Newman was a brutish blue collar who dropped F-bombs and womanized for sport? Neither do we, but it's hilarious just to think about his formative years in this lovably obscene classic that includes the greatest "moon" in movie history. Forget 'Miracle': This is what hockey dreams are made of.

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19. 'The Kentucky Fried Movie' (1977)

The 'Airplane!' team got its start with this howlingly crude series of sketches spoofing everything from blaxploitation movies to high school science reels. Come for the kung-fu parody, stay for the porn trailer, starring naked Catholic school girls AND a whip-wielding dwarf in a clown suit.

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18. 'Coming to America' (1988)

It may be tame by today's standards, but this quotable classic was still post-'Raw' Eddie Murphy, who relished in greeting his Queens neighbors with a happy-faced "F*** you too!" And while T&A doesn't disrupt Prince Akeem's righteous quest for a Queen, Eriq La Salle's Jheri curls are most offensive.

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17. 'Knocked Up' (2007)

Judd Apatow ('40-Year-Old Virgin') works his magic again, mining an awkward situation (lovable loser Seth Rogen gets smokin'-hot Katherine Heigl preggers during a one-night stand) for comedy gold. At last, here's proof that a film rife with d*** and fart jokes, as well as a climactic vagina shot during childbirth, can have a heart.

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