You should know by now that Bruce Campbell is one heck of a guy. Even if you disregard all of his other work, he is the one dude to name and defeat Spider-Man. It takes a special guy to stand up to superheroes and win with ease and snarky grace. But that's Campbell's undeniable strength. His words are his special power, and whether he's strapping a chainsaw to his bloody stump, blocking a theater door, or bringing down undead zombies while suffering penis boils, he gets the job done without any super strength, agility, or wild, physical powers. I'm leaving Ash off the list for now, as he might get his own love sometime in the future, so for now -- just grab your popcorn, sit back, watch some films, and try to answer the question: Who stands supreme? Spidey and the tough usher, or a sassy, aged Elvis?

First, you need the obligatory commercials that start movies these days, but it doesn't have to be something time-wasting and annoying. Before sitting down to these films, take a clue from Campbell, and delight in some Old Spice. a href="">Spider-Man 2

Sure, Bruce isn't in this film too much, but it's is still a decent pick since he does so much with his tiny, Snooty Usher part. And of course, Spider-Man 2 is also the big fan favorite of Sam Raimi's three movies. There's more Kirsten Dunst, which is unfortunate, but there's also Alfred Molina perfectly tackling Doc Ock, and Peter Parker dealing with a whole heck of a lot. The Daily Bugle is calling his alter ego a criminal, and he seems to be losing his powers. So he hangs up his web and tries to live a normal life, but Harry's whining need for revenge and the sinister Doc have other plans for him.

It's the perfect sort of film to amp up your excitement, and get you ready to chatter at the screen with the next film.

First recap the film with:

Weird Al's Ode to Spider-Man and the Deets of Film #1

How different would the film have been...

If Jake Gyllenhaal actually took over for Tobey Maguire and his bad back?

If Robert De Niro, Sam Neill, Ed Harris, or Chris Cooper took on the role of Otto Octavius? (All were considered.)

If Sam Raimi kept Michael Chabon's advice to cut down costumed characters in the second when he filmed the third? (Number 2 reportedly started off with other dudes joining Ock like Black Cat and The Lizard.)

DVD Fun Post-Screening:

There's an Easter Egg on the second disc of the DVD. Go to the Gallery, press up, and click on the "Spidey-Sense" around Spider-Man's head. This will give you a hidden movie of Doc Ock doing Fiddler on the Roof.


Spider-Man Fights Doc Ock in Lego

Bubba Ho-Tep

In movies like Live Free or Die Hard, they say Bruce Willis gets run down because he has a few scrapes, and bruises. However, he doesn't break bones when he falls huge distances, and he farts around as if he's 20. Campbell, well, he doesn't need big muscles, guns, and cars that sail through the air. In fact, he can take out the bad guy with a walker, cancer of the penis, and a black sidekick who thinks he's JFK and swears he has a bag of sand in his head. Bubba is a movie to watch first, and talk about later. All that needs to be said is that it has Bruce as an aging Elvis, the late Ossie Davis kicking butt as JFK, and undead baddies and flying scarabs to contend with. Does anything else matter?


There's no Elvis music in the movie, because it would have been too expensive.

In the name of his art, Campbell had to relieve himself in aged Elvis' bed pan when the cameras and equipment had him trapped in the old folks' bed.

Bruce's lone concern when accepting the role: "Are you going to show the penis?"

Some Clip Nibbles:

Bruce Campbell Describes His Role, and Challenges Tom Cruise

The Intro to the Midnight Madness Screening at TIFF, 2002
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