With apologies to Joan Jett for swiping her album title, this week's installment of Trailer Park is about the young folk in one way or another.

Prom Night
It seems like every time a remake is announced there's an angered outcry from the fans of the original. I didn't care much for 1980's Prom Night, and based on this trailer I don't see much to look forward to with this new version. Certain kinds of horror can work with a PG-13 rating, but a slasher film? I don't see it. The trailer gives us a group of irritatingly over privileged teens gathering for the prom. Suddenly the lights go out, people start screaming, and I lose interest. This one hits U.S. theaters on April 11. Here's Scott's take.

Descendents (Solos)
Over at upcominghorrormovies.com they're referring to this one as the first Chilean zombie movie and the first English-language film from director Jorge Olguin. You can't exactly tell from the trailer that there are zombies in this thing, but there's obviously a widespread infection in an urban area with soldiers summarily blowing away the victims of some kind of infection. The story is told from the perspective of a little girl who joins forces with other children to escape the city. It looks bleak and horrifying, just as a zombie film should. So far there's no U.S. distribution planned for this one.

a href="http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809791218/video/5860443">Paranoid Park
Directed by Gus Van Sant and based on the novel by Blake Nelson, this is about skateboarders and how one boy's life starts to unravel after he accidentally kills a security guard. I'm not sure how I feel yet about the use of non-actors here. The monotone delivery from the performers gives a sort of documentary feel which could be good, but I don't know if I can stand listening to it for an entire film. I'm still curious enough to give it a look, though. James Rocchi reviewed the film when it played at Cannes.

Trailer Park Boys
Actually these boys appear to be fully grown men, but I say close enough for today's topic. Apparently this one is based on a Canadian TV series, though I haven't seen it, and it's produced by Ivan Reitman who has given us such diverse flicks as Animal House, Ghostbusters and Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia. A trio of trailer park residents are back on the street after serving time for an attempted ATM robbery and plotting a new heist. Apparently white trash isn't restricted to the United States, and the hairdos alone are pretty hilarious. This one has my attention. Jette reviewed Trailer Park Boys back in March and you can read that right here.

Diary of the Dead
In this, the latest film about the walking dead from George Romero, a group of film students are making a documentary as the world is suddenly gripped by an apocalyptic zombie plague. This is the director's return to independent film making after doing a studio film withLand of the Dead. I suspect Romero is one of those director's who works better with a small budget, and this trailer just looks awesome. The movie goes into limited release on February 15. Check Scott's review of the movie here.

And new this week on AOL Moviefone:
  • You Don't Mess with the Zohan! - Adam Sandler stars as an Israeli soldier who is tired of the fighting and moves to America to become a hairstylist.
  • Hellboy 2 - Ron Perlman returns in this comic book inspired sequel. Check out the trailer right here:
  • The Signal - A signal transmitted by electronic devices drives people to murder.
  • Forbidden Kingdom - A teenager time travels to ancient China in this martial arts fantasy adventure starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan.
  • Rambo - It's Stallone, it's Rambo. You know the deal.
  • Nim's Island - A reclusive novelist played by Jodie Foster is convinced by one of her characters to go to the aid of a young fan on a remote island.
  • Jimmy and Judy - A teenage outcast road movie starring Edward Furlong.
  • Day Zero - Drama set in the near future after the United States reinstates the draft.
  • Jumper - Second trailer for this science fiction flick about a young man with the ability to teleport.

  • Wall-E - The latest animated effort from Pixar.
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian - The eagerly anticipated sequel to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  • Step Up 2: The Streets - This sequel brings us angsty young dancers at the Maryland School For the Arts.
  • Witless Protection - More of the same from Larry the Cable Guy.
  • Horton Hears A Who - CGI adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss book.