James is at the awards ceremony, and I'm back here at Cinematical headquarters liveblogging the results. The theme, James tells me, is apparently "cowboy," because William H. Macy is in a cowboy getup.

7:20: Macy is apparently doing a "wildly obscure monologue incorporating the titles of all the Sundance films. Macy: "That, my friends, is The Complete History of my Sexual Failures, and the end of my comedic monologue."

Tony Hale: "nothing says Sundance and independent film like people dancing in covered wagons."

Awards after the jump ...

span id="1h5v">7:26: Time for the shorts awards ...

International Jury Prize in Shorts: Soft, dir. Simon Ellis

Jury Prize in Shorts: TIE:
My Olympic Summer, dir. Daniel Robin and Sikumi, dir. Andrew Okpeaha MacLean.

7:30: Now they're announcing the Alfred P Sloan Memorial prize, which was technically already announced. Sleep Dealer wins this prize, which is for a film that's about technology or science.

7:33: Sundance Director Geoff Gilmore: "Mark my words: this is a class of film makers we will all remember years from now."

7:36: World Cinema Documentary Cinematography Award:
Mahmoud al Massad, Recycle

World Cinema Documentary Editing Award: Irena Dol, The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins

World Cinema Documentary Directing Award: Nino Kirtadze for Durakovo: Village of Fools

World Cinema Documentary Jury Prize: Man on Wire, dir. James Marsh

7:46: World Cinema Dramatic Awards:

Special Jury Prize: Blue Eyelids, dir
Ernesto Contreras

World Cinema Dramatic Cinematography Award: Askilld Vik Edvardsen, King of Ping Pong

World Cinema Dramatic Screenwriting: Samuel Benchetrit, I Always Wanted to be a Gangster

World Cinema Dramatic Directing: Anna Melikyan, Mermaid

World Cinema Grand Jury Prize for Dramatic Film: The King of Ping Pong

World Cinema Audience Award, Documentary: Man on Wire

World Cinema Audience Award, Dramatic:
Captain abu Raed

8:01 Documentary and Dramatic Awards

Documentary Audience Award: Fields of Fuel

Fields of Fuel
director Josh Tickell, accepting the award: "May we work together to create a green and sustainable future."

Dramatic Audience Award:
The Wackness

The Wackness director Jonathan Levine: " I just accepted an award from William H. Macy in a cowboy hat; that is fucking weird. "

Documentary Special Jury Prize: The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo

Dramatic Special Jury Prize for "the Spirit of Independent Cinema": to Chusy Haney-Jardine for Anywhere, USA

Dramatic Special Jury Prize: to the entire ensemble cast of Choke

Excellence in Cinematography, Documentary: Patti Smith: Dream of Life, Phillip Hunt and Steven Sebring

Excellence in Cinematography, Dramatic: Ballast, Lol Crawley

Documentary Editing Award: Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Joe Bini

Dramatic Screenwriting Award: Sleep Dealer, Alex Rivera, David Riker

Documentary Directing Award: Nanette Burnstein, American Teen

Nanette Burnstein: "Megan (one of the subjects of American Teen) left on Tuesday, but she was so bored, she flew back on Friday."

Dramatic Directing Award: Lance Hammer, Ballast

Grand Jury Prize, Documentary: Trouble the Water

Eugene Jarecki: "It is with our pride, and outrage, that the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary goes to Trouble the Water."

Quentin Tarantino, presenting the Grand Jury Dramatic Award: "In '92, with Reservoir Dogs, on awards night, I got fuck all."

Grand Jury Dramatic Prize: Frozen River

8:36: That's a wrap, folks ... look for reviews of at least some of the awards winners coming soon!