Drunk, hammered, stoned, in the groove... Whatever you care to call it, today's trailers are about being in a chemically altered state.

What Happens in Vegas
I really liked Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect and I thought he was funny in That 70s Show. Why then does everything else he does make me cringe so? Kutcher and Cameron Diaz play a pair of strangers who have a night of fun together in Vegas and wake up the next day with screaming hangovers and wedding rings. The plan for a quick and simple divorce is complicated when the two win $3 million together. This romantic comedy looks utterly predictable and downright irritating. Dennis Miller is an interesting choice as the judge who sentences the two a period of actual matrimony before they are allowed a divorce. The day this hits theaters I think I'll be busy washing my hair, despite being bald as a plucked chicken.


This one makes the list today because, as I recall from the book, the story is propelled by a drunken tryst. I had a modest amount of anticipation for this one. I wasn't crazy about the novel Animals, but it was written by John Skipp and Craig Spector, two wunderkind of the late 80's splatterpunk movement -- a style of horror fiction that favors the extreme. I would have thought some of Skipp and Spector's other books like The Light at the End or The Cleanup would have made a better choice for adaptation. That said, Naveen Andrews looks like he'll make a decent lycanthrope, and the oddly hairless werewolves you see in the trailer are surprisingly cool looking. There hasn't been a decent werewolf flick in awhile, so maybe we're due. a href="http://www.apple.com/trailers/magnolia/shrooms/trailer/">
Yet another film about a group of teens being stalked. The difference here is that the kids are camping in Ireland and tripping on hallucinogenic mushrooms when they start tabulating the body count. Is this enough to make this beaten to death formula palatable? Doubtful, unless the titular shrooms are passed out in the theater.

Bottle Shock
Taking place in the mid 70s, this drama is set during the emergence of the popularity of California wines. The comparisons to Sideways are unavoidable, but Alan Rickman as a wine snob is enough to make me take notice. Bill Pullman plays a vineyard owner with a dream and whose son who doesn't seem to share his passion for the grape. All in all, I'm not sure about this one. While Sideways tackled the issue of wine snobbery without itself being snobbish, this one has an air of pretentiousness about it. Maybe it's because wine isn't my thing, but I'll need to hear more before I spend money on this one.

Bar Starz
Not to worry if you miss this one during its theatrical run as this seems like the kind of movie that is doomed to playing Sunday mornings on Comedy Central for the next decade. Seriously, this just looks dreadful. A college freshman vies for an internship with the local bar stars, a trend setting group of partyers who rule the local bar scene. I can't suspend my disbelief long enough to believe anyone would think these characters are actually cool.

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