If you've got a tween girl in your life, chances are pretty good you know the name Hannah Montana. The popular Disney series stars Miley Cyrus (daughter of former mullet king/country star Billy Ray Cyrus, who stars in the show as Miley's father) as an ordinary girl who lives a secret double life as a wildly popular pop star.

The Best of Both Worlds concert tour last year (which features young Cyrus both as herself and in her Hannah Montana persona) sold out across the country within minutes, largely due to ticket scalpers snatching up tickets and then reselling them for exorbitant markups.
As Christopher Campbell wrote recently in his column, response to hundreds of thousands of Hannah fans (and their parents) who were not happy at getting shut out of the Concert Event of the Year (well, if you're 12), Disney decided to make a few more million off the franchise record one of the concerts and show it in 3D in theaters. The concert opens on the big screen on Friday, and already, according to Fandango, over 1,000 shows are sold out and a lot of theaters are adding additional shows. Lucky me, I will be there on Friday night myself with three of my own kids and my daughter's friend in tow.

My 10-year-old has been looking forward to this since December, when we bought the tix. I myself am barely containing my excitement. Actually, I think the show is kind of cute, for what it is, but I guess having a pack of kids in the house, I'm relatively tolerant of shows targeted at that age group. Besides, after 10 days of docs and indie fare at Sundance, it won't kill me to tolerate a little fluff for 90 minutes, right? I'll be bringing you a review of the big event this weekend, so stay tuned.