Some of the best times at the movies are spent either laughing or screaming, sometimes both at the same time. This week's collection of trailers are for films designed to frighten and/or amuse.

Son of Rambow

The MPAA tag says the film has earned its PG-13 rating in part because of "reckless" behavior," and some of the funniest bits in this trailer come from the stunts performed for a home made Rambo sequel. Set in the 1980s, two British school boys set out to make their own homegrown sequel to First Blood, the first of the Rambo films. One of the boys is from a strict religious family, and participating in the project conflicts with his faith. This looks like a hoot, and I was especially pleased to see Jessica Hynes (a.k.a. Jessica Stevenson) from the Simon Pegg TV series Spaced. Here's Monika's take on the trailer and James' review of the film. Check out the trailer right here:

This remake of a Thai film deals with spirit photography, the process of photographing ghosts. There's a shot in this one of someone flipping through a series of photos, and the images act like a flip book, showing a translucent figure crawling across the floor. Yeah, that gave me the willies. There are some shots of Dawson's Creek's Joshua Jackson gettin' busy with some kind of other worldly entity that creeped me out, but I'm still feeling lukewarm about this one. I get the feeling this is yet another de-fanged PG-13 horror movie. Here's Patrick's take on the trailer.

Smart People
Dennis Quaid plays a college professor and Ellen Page is his over achieving teenage daughter. Quaid begins an unlikely romance with a doctor played by Sarah Jessica Parker and his ne'er do well brother played by Thomas Haden Church comes to stay. It's interesting to see Page playing another precocious teen so soon after Juno, and I'm impressed how different this character appears to be. I've always liked Church too, especially in Sideways and the fairly obscure The Specials, and it looks like he's playing an interesting and quirky character here. Here's James' review of the film from Sundance.

The Cottage
Two brothers kidnap a mob boss's daughter, and the country house they hole up in apparently belongs to Leatherface's British cousin. Andy Serkis, probably best known as the motion capture performer behind Gollum and King Kong, stars as one of the brothers in what looks to be a VERY dark comedy. The rendition of "Old McDonald" played in the trailer is downright disturbing and I'm really looking forward to this one.

The Ruins
A group of tourists in Mexico visit some Mayan ruins and come across something evil. The locals won't let them leave the ruins, trapping them with whatever this nasty bugaboo ends up being. I'd probably be more excited about this one if the characters weren't all college age. It seems like every horror movie character these days falls into that demographic and it's gotten pretty tiresome. There's some creepy imagery, though, so I may see this when it hits DVD.

New trailers this week on AOL Moviefone:
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  • Prom Night - Remake of the classic slasher flick.
  • Doomsday - Post apocalyptic science fiction adventure from the director of Dog Soldiers and The Descent.
  • Meet the Spartans - Parody of many recent films, particularly 300.
  • Diary of the Dead - The latest zombie film from George Romero, the man who invented the genre.
  • Priceless - A bartender falls in love with a status seeking woman and becomes a gigolo in an effort to beat her at her own game.