Whoo, I bet you couldn't have seen this coming: after bringing in a whopping $29 million on just 683 screens and selling out shows left and right, the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour has added another week to its one-week limited engagement. This will be great news to all the Hannah fans out there who weren't able to score a ticket the first time around, or who just want to enjoy another week of Hannah-mania. Variety's Pam McClintock noted that the concert's take is the highest Super Bowl weekend gross of all-time, outscoring even mega-hit Titanic*.

My oldest daughter contributed to Titanic's box office by seeing the film something like 20 times with her friends when it was in theaters, and now I expect her 10-year-old sister is going to want to see the Hannah Montana concert at least that many times. The first thing she said on the way out of the theater Friday night was, "Can we go again?" Superbowl weekend is typically heavy on the estrogen, but Disney really scored big with the tween set by making the wildly popular Best of Both Worlds concert available in theaters.

*Typo corrected, thanks to reader Ler for pointing it out. - ed.
So, Hannah's officially a hit, and Disney has a Hannah movie in the works for next year (they're really going to pull something out of their ass to top the appeal of the concert to the tweensters, but you can bet the target demographic will flock to the theaters nonetheless). Look to see more of those very popular Jonas Brothers as well -- can you say "Jonas Brothers road trip movie?" I knew you could! Now the only thing to wait for is for the big screen debut of the High School Musical franchise; that one will sell like hotcakes as well, now that they have all the cast, including super-hottie Zac Efron, on board. I'll say this ... you gotta hand it to those folks at the Mouse House for knowing what their target market wants.

As I've said before here, I really like Miley Cyrus and of all the shows I'm forced to endure by having four kids in the house, Hannah Montana is the one I can stomach repeat viewings of without getting nauseous. I just hope, for her sake, that Miley's family is more stable and grounded than the Spears family; it would be really sad to see this promising young talent tank out with a teen pregnancy like Jamie Lynn or, worse, a mental breakdown like Britney. I hope Miley's parents make sure the girl has some time in there for a normal life with sleepovers, family trips and reading in a hammock, amidst all the hard work of stardom, or she is going to be in danger of burnout.