Just in time for the day of hearts, Twilight fans got some more news over at MTV. The site confirmed a whole collection of new cast members that have been added to the production, and conveniently, they also offer the characters they will play, and a little bit about them. Since this is a Catherine Hardwicke pic, it's not surprising to see Nikki Reed leading the list. She had her co-debut with Hardwicke in Thirteen, and also popped up in Lords of Dogtown. Beyond Reed, there's also Rachelle Lefevre (Suffering Man's Charity), Cam Cigandet (The O.C.), and Michael Welch (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane).

The film, based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling young adult book, is about a teen named Isabella (Kristen Stewart) who falls for a vampire named Edward (Robert Pattinson). Reed, at 19, will play a 90-year-old vampire called Rosalie Hale, who looks 18 -- she's a close friend of Edward's and "rolls into Forks High School in the family's silver Volvo, sits with the Cullen clan in the cafeteria, and shares a complicated love story with Emmett and Edward." Okay, it's got to be boring and sucky to be that old and still have to go to high school -- especially when you look old enough to pass as someone who graduated.

Lefevre, meanwhile, will play Victoria, one of the ruthless, baddie vamps. "Lefevre's red hair would seem to be spot-on for the flame-headed, catlike vampire who assists James in an attack on Bella that will make her thirst for a bloody revenge of her own in the sequels." James, the unfortunate, "unremarkable human transformed into an average-looking vampire," will be played by Cigandet (gee-gone-DAY). Finally, Welch will keep his first name and play Mike Newton -- a human guy who tries to win Bella's heart without superhuman moves.

The names of the cast who will play the Cullen family should be released soon, and since the film is starting production in Oregon, they hope to announce the rest of the key casting soon, namely -- Jasper Hale, Billy Black, Jacob Black, and Charlie Swan. Okay Twilight fiends -- what do you think of this round of casting?
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