If it's Oscar weekend, it must be alternative-to-the-Oscars weekend, too. Saturday evening brought us the Independent Spirit Awards, which Cinematical's Patrick Walsh covered quite capably, but Saturday morning was an altogether different event: the 28th annual Razzies, honoring the worst in movies in 2007.

And it was a record-setting year! I Know Who Killed Me (pictured) -- the hilariously bad Lindsay Lohan trainwreck from last July -- won eight awards, more than any film in Razzie history. (The previous record of seven had been shared by Battlefield Earth and Showgirls -- so LiLo's in pretty good company.) Lohan herself won three trophies, owing to the fact that -- spoiler alert! -- she plays two characters in the movie. She took two worst actress prizes and one for worst screen couple (for the scene in which her two characters come face to face).

I Know Who Killed Me also won for worst picture, worst director (Chris Siverston), worst screenplay (Jeffrey Hammond), "worst excuse for a horror movie," and worst remake or rip-off (for being "a rip-off of Hostel, Saw, and The Patty Duke Show," hardy har har).

The other big winner was Norbit -- or, more specifically, Eddie Murphy, whose multiple roles in that film enabled him to win multiple Razzies. He got the nods for worst actor (as Norbit), worst supporting actor (as Mr. Wong), and worst supporting actress (as Rasputia).
The only other film to win an award was Daddy Day Camp, named worst prequel or sequel. Just think, if Eddie Murphy hadn't passed the torch to Cuba Gooding Jr., that could have been Razzie #4 for him.

Tragically, multiple nominees I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Bratz, and Captivity were shut out of the awards altogether. Better luck next year, Sandler!

The Razzies are voted on by 750 members around the world. Winners get a cheap trophy spray-painted gold, though they seldom show up at the ceremony to collect them. Famously, Halle Berry did appear at the 2005 ceremony to receive her award for Catwoman -- the only known instance of Halle Berry having a sense of humor.
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