Less than a month ago, I brought you word that Julianne Moore was going to star in a new horror thriller called Shelter -- a project that has been in the works for a good 4 years now. With a star in place, and production to begin late next month in Pittsburgh, Variety reports that she's got a co-star; none other than Henry the VIII himself, Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Now Variety says that the logline (one-sentence film summary) is "being kept under wraps," but as I mentioned last time, this project has been around for ages, and MovieWeb put up a summary back in 2004 (the original THR link is dead). Unless there's been a major rewrite, Michael Cooney's script "follows a female forensic psychiatrist who specializes in debunking multiple personality disorder. When she discovers that her latest patient's various personalities are all murder victims, she struggles to find a logical explanation for the man's delusion." I can only assume that this means that Rhys Meyers will be the man suffering from delusions. I'm not sure why, but this news really increases my interest in the project. I'm not a huge fan of the actor, but there's just something about him that could make this role really interesting. Maybe it's that eerie look in his eye on The Tudors... Whatever the case, hopefully more info heads our way soon.

But what do you think? Can Rhys Meyers pull off a delusional man who has multiple, murder victim personalities?
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