Julia & Kiefer ... Bennifer ... Brangelina ... find out where they rank on our list.

Ah, office romance.

There's nothing more titillating than having sparks fly between you and a co-worker ... particularly when you're both movie stars, surrounded by cameras filming your every move.

Some lasted, some fizzled, and all made us feel like we chose the wrong profession. Check out the most smokin' on-set hookups since the invention of celluloid.


Hottest On-Set Hookups

Actors are always insisting that love scenes are anything but romantic to make, what with crew guys standing around scratching themselves, lighting delays and such -- but history and the tabloids have proven that on-set intimacy can lead to very real romance. Moviefone counts down the 25 hottest on-set hookups ever. -- By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith with Stephanie DuBois and Emily Feimster

25. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

'Pushing Tin' (1999)

While Laura Dern was standing by her man, Billy Bob, he was lying by his co-star, Angelina. Wild about each other, the couple ran off for a surprise marriage, breaking the unsuspecting Dern's heart. They expressed their eccentric love by wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks. Not shockingly, they split in 2003.

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24. Matt Damon and Minnie Driver

'Good Will Hunting'(1997)

They played lovers in one of the most refreshing movies in modern times, but their sweet on-set romance (they reportedly held hands between takes) ended sourly. It was said that Driver learned of their breakup when Damon announced it on 'Oprah'; he maintains that they split three weeks before. Apparently, Driver didn't like them apples.

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23. Clark Gable and Loretta Young

'The Call of the Wild' (1935)

Indeed. He was married and she a devout Catholic, but their passion got the better of them on the set. Young went on a long trip to Europe, months passed and she announced she was "adopting" a daughter, Judy -- who grew up to look just like mom and Clark Gable.Judy Lewis detailed all in her book, 'Uncommon Knowledge.'

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22. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson

'You, Me and Dupree' (2006)

Just days after Hudson split with rocker hubby Chris Robinson, reports surfaced of her getting cozy with Wilson. The pair claimed things were platonic during filming, but a romance blossomed while doing press. They broke up, got back together, broke up again. Now, in the wake of Wilson's suicide attempt, they've rekindled a "friendship."

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21. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

'Swing Shift' (1984)

Proving opposites do attract (she supported Al Gore, he George W. Bush; she's a Buddhist, he a member of the NRA), Hawn and Russell have been inseparable since hooking up on 'Swing Shift.' They never married, but have a son, Wyatt, together. And Kurt's like a dad to her first two kids, Oliver and Kate Hudson.

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20. Warren Beatty and Madonna

'Dick Tracy' (1990)

When Beatty, an actor notorious for mixing on-set business with pleasure, cast the 21-years-younger pop star as comic-book bad girl Breathless Mahoney, was he casting her for himself as well? Regardless, neither the movie nor the mismatched romance fared well, and Beatty came off as a bore in her 'Truth or Dare' doc a year later.

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19. Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan

'Grindhouse' (2007)

Fans were shocked when Rodriguez split with his wife, Elizabeth Avellan, after 16 years and five children. Though tabloids rushed to credit an affair with McGowan for the split, Rodriguez released a statement saying they had separated before 'Grindhouse' production -- and his trailer-shaking trysts with McGowan -- began.

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20. Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini

'Stromboli' (1950)

While filming in Italy, the then-married Bergman fell for her director and became pregnant. When Congress declared her an "influence for evil," she decided to remain in Italy, leaving her soon-to-be-ex-husband and daughter in the U.S. Wed in 1950 and divorced in '57, the Rossellinis had three children together, including famed actress Isabella.

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17. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

'Brokeback Mountain' (2005)

Co-star Jake Gyllenhaal told Oprah he remembered being at rehearsal where the two of them would be "googly-eyed looking at each other." Baby Matilda and a pair of Oscars nods soon followed. But what began as a fairy tale ended as a tragedy: The couple split late in '07, and Ledger died of an accidental prescription drug overdose in January.

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